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The Real 'Big 4' Now Own Our Big Health Too

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Feb/ 29. 2015

Ron: Humanity lives in a Jew constructed artificial global matrix completely divorced from reality. Our world is ostensibly owned and controlled by corporations ie by lifeless fictional legal entities that corporate governments and judiciaries that have more rights and privileges than real, flesh and blood, ensouled sovereign humans. That means that in fact the covert Jewish Bankster owners of those corporation OWN and have enslaved the ensouled humans in countries like Australia, the US, Canada and New Zealand et al. For instance the Australia Government is a corporation (with hidden owners) which is listed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Moreover, that corporation OWNS Australia's Central Bank namely, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

How the Jews who OWN those corporations must laugh when Australian politicians make a virtue of saying that the RBA is independant of any political influences! In this context it is not surprising that the SAME group of foreign owned Banks and financial institutions now OWN a controlling interest in Australia's recently privatised Medibank Private Health Fund in addition to their controlling shares in ALL of Australia's major banks and home lending companies.

Next time you hear politicians and corporatists trumpeting the virtues of capitalism and of competition in the health care and bank home loan finance or any other sector of the Australian economy, have a good laugh. Alternatively have a good cry. BUT whatever you do, talk about these facts to your friends, families and colleagues. If nothing else, such foreknowledge will soften the SHOCK they will feel when these truths become generally known once the existing global economic system collapses and God comes to take back this planet and its inhabitants.