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COST OF ROYAL WEDDING [Updated July 1, 2019]

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UPDATE:  "100 Things to do in England"  --


Since it's the focus of attention all over the world, I looked up

the figures (costs) for the royal wedding (William & Kate). Here

they are broken down. These are rough estimates or "guestimates",

of course, but it will give you an idea of the expenses involved.  --SO


Estimated total cost of the Royal Wedding: $34 million

Estimated total cost of Charles and Diana’s wedding (today’s dollars): $110 million

Cost of Kate’s wedding gown: $434,000

Cost of two wedding cakes: $80,000

Number of additional tourists expected in London for the Royal Wedding: 600,000

Amount those tourists are expected to spend on April 29: $82 million

Total tourism revenue expected from the Royal Wedding in 2011$825 million+

Global audience expected to "watch" the wedding via TV, online and radio: 2.4 billion

Estimated economic output lost by making the Royal Wedding a national holiday: $10 billion

Estimated economic output lost by Britons taking extra days off between Easter and the Royal Wedding and getting an 11-day holiday$50 billion

2010 property income for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles: $50 million