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EMERGENCY ALERT! BILL C51 Being Snuck Through Right Now !!!

Connie Fogal

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Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008 10:48:00 -0700


Subject: [Cap_contacts] EMERGENCY ALERT--BILL C51 being snuck through right now!!!


Subject: EMERGENCY ALERT--BILL C51 being snuck through right now!!! Affects USA too!!






IAHF List: This just in. Please take action immediately in Canada, and if you  are American, please continue to donate to IAHF to assist us in our crusade to  kill C-51 or its police state measures will cross the border via FDA's  Trilateral Cooperation Charter, the mechanism via which Codex is being forced  on N.America I just attended a lecture on C-51 by attorney Shawn Buckley in Vancouver. I  urge everyone on the IAHF list to get the videotape of that lecture from HANS  if you missed it: I'll have a complete  report from that lecture very soon, but had to get this emergency alert out  IMMEDIATELY so you can ACT!! URGENT EMERGENCY ALERT


Today, June 4th 2008 Bill C-51 was quietly sneaked onto the Order List for the  House of Commons in Ottawa. It is critical that all of you immediately go to or and send the E-Protest action letters. You can also click on the links provided below.


 .Harper & Cabinet Ministers

 · Standing Committee of Health

 · Canadian Senators

 · Canadian Members of Parliament

 · Conservative MPs

 · Liberal MPs

 · NDP MPs


 · Independent MPs


The current Status for Bill C-51 is here and for C-52 is here.


"THEY" cannot amend Bill C-51 before it is passed at second reading into   committee. If we can stop Bill C-51 now from being passed at second reading,  Bill C-51 will likely die on the Order paper and "THEY know it.

  "THEY" must get, in a minority government other party agreement from the following people in order to pass Bill C-51 or any other Bill on "Division"  with a "Party" vote in order to avoid a row by row individual recorded member  vote.

Conservative Party House Leader, Peter Van Loan,

Conservative Whip Jay Hill,

Conservative Deputy Whip Pierre Lemieux,


Liberal Party Whip Karen Redman

Liberal House Leader, Ralph Goodale

Liberal Deputy House Leader, Lucienne Robillard Robillard.L

NDP House Leader Libby Davies, 

NDP Whip Yvon Godin,  

Bloc House leader Pierre Paquette

Bloc Dep House leader Monique Guay, 

Bloc Whip Michel Guimond

Bloc Dep Whip Pauline Picard,

If any of these are your MPs please call, write and visit ASAP.


To look up your MP please go here.


In a "Division Party Vote" your individual MPs do not read the Bill and / or  even have to be in attendance. This is a travesty of the Rule of British Common  Law and our Democratic Constitutional processes and should be stopped for all Bills. Bill C-52 was sneaked into committee using this same technique and the  Conservative Party to keep their "FREEDOM OF CHOICE" promises MUST cancel Bills  C-51, C-52 and the Drug Class Natural Health Products Regulations now.

The Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom and supporters, as you may recall has  since 1997 have submitted to Parliament over 500,000 signed petitions which generally state as follows:


We, the undersigned residents of Canada, draw the attention of the House to the



1. THAT Canadians deserve to have an updated Food & Drugs Act, created by  Parliament today, that is consistent with Canadians' inherent rights of  informed freedom of choice, and access to non-drug medicinal products of their  own choosing, as protected by Sections 1, 2, 7, and 15 of the Charter of Rights;


2. THAT healthy medicinal foods, herbs, spices, dietary supplements, and  other natural health and nutritional products should be properly classified as   foods, and not arbitrarily regulated, and otherwise restricted, as drugs by  Health Canada officials without a clear modern day legislated authority;

3. THAT the weight of modern scientific evidence confirms the mitigation,  and prevention of many diseases, and disorders through the judicious use of low

risk, medicinal foods, herbs, spices, dietary supplements, and other natural  health and nutritional products, as well as their extremely low levels of risk  compared to many synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, and other modern medical  procedures.

4. THEREFORE, your petitioners call upon Parliament to provide Canadians with greater access to non-drug, preventive and medicinal options, as well as the information about these options, and to sanction the personal choices of Canadians, by clarifying the currently vague definitions of "food", and "drug" in the outdated 1927 / 1952 Food & Drugs Act, and by repealing the outdated prohibitions against making truthful health claims for the prevention, treatment, and cure of health challenges with non-drug approaches, by enacting Bill C -420, an act to amend the Food & Drugs Act.


More than 70% of Canadians now depend on natural products to maintain or  enhance their health because they offer a safer and more effective alternative

to high-risk pharmaceutical drugs. In BIG PHARMA's effort to eradicate their competition for a monopoly, Bills C-51, C-52 and the Drug Class Natural Health Products Regulations will "criminalize" Natural Health Products including vitamins, minerals, herbs, greens drinks, carrot juice and many "Therapeutic" and "Healthy Foods".


It is very important for you to actively participate now in order to help our Coalition and its supporters to stop not only the "Division" second reading of Bill C-51, but also to force immediate cancellation of Bill C-52 and the drug class Natural Health Product Regulations that has attempted to make your greens drinks, herbs, vitamins, minerals, carrot juice, etc. into "NEW DRUGS"!


Our Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom believes in the British Rule of  Common Law, the Written and Unwritten Constitution and Canadian Democracy,  where to quote Thomas Jefferson;


"The care of human life and not its destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government."


Most Canadians believe that the "CROWN" is ultimately a trust and that the beneficial ultimate owner / shareholder of the "CROWN" and its assets should be and is the ordinary men and women of our society.


If you look up " Implied Bill of Rights" and " Rule of Law" you will understand where our supporters are coming from on these issues. As human beings and small family enterprises our elected officials should not and can not let big government and big business put profits before people.

This is politely called " Statism" or not so politely called Fascist Socialism.


For information on the Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom visit and / or e-mail to, and / or phone: 613-771-1797And / or fax to: 613-771-1435 ALSO, utilize information at and make sure you get their flyers into all Health Food Stores, Naturopaths offices, etc and if a Store Refuses to Help, you MUST boycott them and direct their customers to the nearest stores that ARE helping with our campaign! Some CHFA member stores are refusing to help because CHFA is lying to them about the bill which they're only trying to amend when it MUST be killed!Your donations to IAHF are helping us do this work. My car was broken into in Vancouver when I was just there for Shawn Buckley's presentation on C-51. Someone did a smash and grab on me and broke the quarter panel window with a  hammer. Today I got it replaced at a junkyard. Vancouver is chock full of crackheads and heroin addicts. Your donations are helping me pay for expensive Canadian gas ($6. and more per gallon) so I can make the rounds to insure that Stores are taking action against C-51 and C-52.If we fail to win this war north of the Border, we're done for in the USA.  We've been blocked from getting congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter by Pharma PAC donations to members of the Oversight Sub Committee, so if you want your access to supplements, PLEASE assist me in my  efforts to kill C-51 in Canada- right now its the only way to protect DSHEA in the USA because they're very actively forcing us into a N.American Union Dictatorship and we have to SCRAMBLE at this point to protect ourselves!!

IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd. Point Roberts WA 98281 USA or via paypal

For Health Freedom, John C. Hammell, President International Advocates for  Health Freedom 556 Boundary Bay Road Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA 800-333-2553 N.America 360-945-0352 World



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