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The Military Is About to Remove This Top Democrat From Office

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Democrat mayors and governors across the country have lost control of their cities and states.

Rioters and looters ransacked businesses and burned city streets.

But now the military may be on the verge of removing this top Democrat from office.

No elected official in America failed their citizens more than New York City’s far-left Mayor Bill deBlasio.

On Monday night, rioters and vandals destroyed New York City’s midtown area.

12 officers were injured and the police arrested 700 rioters.

But the searing images of rampaging mobs smashing windows and looting stores with no police pushback shocked the nation.

The news says New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo looked to deflect blame for his failure to call out the National Guard to defend the city by blaming de Blasio and the New York City Police Department for allowing anarchy to take hold of the Big Apple’s streets.

“The NYPD and the mayor did not do their job last night, I believe that,” Cuomo told the press.

“You have 38,000 NYPD people, it is the largest police department in the United States of America,” Cuomo added. “Use 38,000 people and protect property. Use the police, protect property and people. Look at the videos, it was a disgrace.”

Cuomo was feeling the heat for his own failures and went so far as to float the idea of using the military to remove de Blasio from office if he continued to fail to secure the city.

The New York Governor noted that state law allowed for an “option…to displace the mayor… bring in the National Guard.”

However, Cuomo added that would be a last resort decision, explaining, “I don’t think we’re at that point.”

“That would be such a chaotic situation in the midst of an already chaotic situation. I don’t think that makes any sense,” Cuomo concluded.

The President of the United States was furious at the images coming out of Manhattan.

Donald Trump is a native New Yorker and noted on social media that some of the city’s iconic retail operators were pillaged and looted.

“Macy’s at 34th Street, long the largest single department store anywhere in the world, & a point of pride in NYC, was devastated yesterday when hoodlums and thieves vandalized it, breaking almost all of its large panels of storefront glass. What a shame. Bring in National Guard!” the President wrote.

President Trump doubled down on his call for the state to call in the National Guard to suppress the thuggish rioters.

The President declared, “NYC, CALL UP THE NATIONAL GUARD. The lowlifes and losers are ripping you apart. Act fast! Don’t make the same horrible and deadly mistake you made with the Nursing Homes!!!”

De Blasio and Cuomo are the face of the Democrat Party’s incompetent response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Their failed management led to tens of thousands of deaths.

And now de Blasio and Cuomo are permitting criminals and thugs to own the streets of New York.