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Judge Anna Von Reitz: State of Nevada, Again

Judge Anna Von Reitz

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State of Nevada, Again

 Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Territorial State of Nevada is like Britain.  In it's own little way, it's always at the bottom of the dog pile.  It's owned by the New York mob the same way that Britain is owned by the Westminster mob.  What we should do, all of us, world-wide, is clean out these pits of corruption --- clean sweep them and seize on the assets of all the organizations and individuals involved.

Remember that "spent" Uranium fuel leftover from nuclear fission in power plants throughout the US was cashiered away in salt mines in Utah and Nevada?

Remember that Harry Reid and Company sold this horrifically noxious industrial waste to the Department of Defense, another crooked "federal" subcontractor that isn't worth the powder to blow it to Hell and back?

And the Department of Defense then loaded this crap into artillery shells that our boys loaded and exploded all over the Middle East?

Just about everyone who has a combat badge from Iraq I or II has suffered long term health consequences thanks to "State of Nevada" and Harry Reid.

And that does not begin to account for the long-term environmental pollution and destruction of life in the Middle East.  The Half-Life of that "spent" Uranium is something like 64,000 years, so, children in the Middle East will suffer birth defects for thousands of generations because of Harry Reid.

There aren't words to describe such criminality. Nor are there words to describe what that man deserves to suffer.

And, where did the push come to shove against the Bundy Family?  State of Nevada, again, and it only got pushed back when the Judge realized that the outright lies of the FBI were endangering her.  Not before.

State of Nevada is so filthy dirty that I won't even touch down for an airline lay over anywhere within the State borders.

And now, you've got this guy, State of Nevada "Governor" Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, of course, playing true to the Type.

He restricted the public from having access to hydroxy-chloroquine with one hand, and then started stockpiling it for himself on the other.

This message goes out to anyone living in Nevada--- it's up to you.  Get on your feet and declare your political status as an American and join your actual State Assembly.

Take back the power you are heir to and kick these subcontractors right where it hurts --- their charter of incorporation.

It's either that, or you will continue to be ruled over by crime bosses and syndicates, and your actual State and quality of life will continue to deteriorate to a point where it won't be worth living.

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