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PA Secretary Of State Abruptly Resigns After “Glitch” Allowed Illegals To Vote

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Who’s up for another Democrat scandal? Pedro Cortes, the Secretary of State in Pennsylvania, has just resigned over reports of voter fraud in the state.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

Pedro Cortes, Pa. secretary of state, steps down

Pedro Cortes, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, abruptly resigned from office Wednesday, three weeks after his agency came under criticism for a glitch that may have allowed thousands of ineligible immigrants statewide to vote.

Cortes’ departure was announced in a 349-word “personnel update” emailed from Gov. Wolf’s office that offered no reason and focused almost entirely on his replacement, interim Secretary of State Robert Torres.


Just 14 of the words were about Cortes, who also served as secretary of state from 2003 to 2010 under Gov. Ed Rendell.

J.J. Abbott, a spokesman for Wolf, said he could not offer an explanation for Cortes’ departure.

As secretary of state, Cortes served as the state’s top election official. His departure comes a week after State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, chairman of the House State Government Committee, and 15 of his colleagues sent Cortes a letter “to express our dire concerns” about the disclosure three weeks ago that legal resident noncitizens in Pennsylvania had been offered the chance to register to vote while applying for or renewing drivers’ licenses at PennDot service centers.

And yet Democrats continue to say voter fraud doesn’t happen.


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