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Opnion---Confused Guv Brown Thinks “Gun Restraining Order” Will Stop Terrorists—NOT A JOKE (But Brown Is)

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Dec. 16, 2015

Why does the extremely confused 77 year old Guv Brown think that a terrorist or illegal alien is going to throw away their guns if they are issued a restraining order? This is no more than a publicity stunt by someone confused with a press release and real security. Maybe if concealed carry permits were easy to get, there would be fewer domestic types of violence.

As for terrorists and illegal aliens. forget it. Restraining orders are a joke. Deportation, jailing, Gitmo, that is how you stop them. Real vetting of folks coming in from Europe and the Middle East is needed—asking a visa applicant if they are going to blow up something in the United States is a terrible joke—on the American people.

.” “It establishes a process to obtain a legal court order to temporarily reduce those potential acts when we have the warning signs or indications that the person might be at risk for violence,” says Capitola Police Chief Rudy Escalante, who spoke representing the California Police Chiefs Association.

The measure will take effect in January. And even though there’s no evidence the San Bernardino shooters’ family members raised concerns about them, the law is now being looked at in a new light.

Think a terrorist is going to turn in another terrorist? Believe an illegal alien is going to rat on another criminal? This law is a feel good effort for government to pretend it is doing something. Worthless, like most government programs.