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Thoughts On California Drought

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Sept. 22, 2015

Two major aquifers have been contaminated by fracking. Private water bottling companies are pumping other aquifers dry for pennies. The aqueduct system is in disrepair and leaking millions of gallons of usable water into areas that do not need it. Water mains are also cracked and leaking millions of gallons. The government that takes/steals your money did not take care of your country, preferring to spend the cash on Wall Street, wars, and Israel! Is it any wonder California is starting to look like Gaza? ~Mike Rivero

"The people in California were already told by Their governor that the party is officially over on June 26th 2016, and to clear out after that."

I have been to many parties where there were people that no one new -- not even the owner of the house -- which sometimes signaled an alert that the uninvited had invaded,  and were not welcome; which is what an entire state of US Citizens are going to be told on June 26th 2016, that they are now viewed as being uninvited party crashers, and need to get the hell out or demonstrate that They can create Their own water from air.

Short version to all of this is that the bio-diversity crowd wants to put California back to the way it was before the days of Lewis and Clark, so that They can vacation there with Their blood-sucking off-spring without being bothered by any pesky goyim jewbots, even though They will still have to keep a few of Them around to clean and maintain whatever requisite services are still required for short visits now and then.

"The people of California will never take the hint collectively that They are no longer welcome after June 26th 2016, so it will be interesting to see how the bouncers get rid of them all, if They can."

Frm:  rod@thelast