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Jim Stone

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A crew went around with a large crane and ripped them all out.  Now all memorials of the founding fathers are targeted for destruction.

Can anyone see what is going on here? The enemy of the United States is fully in control of the government and is taking final action to destroy American history. This happens right before the Communists open the prison camps. Don't feel safe just because Trump is President, when every last member of Congress, (maybe not Rand Paul) but all the rest would open them, and all the infrastructure is in place to make you a prisoner TODAY.

The fact they acted so quick on the monuments ALONE proves that they organized the protest in Charlottesville, and staged a killing to forward an agenda. I disagree about crisis actors when you can see people flying, but the car driver was definitely an operative of a criminal entity that has usurped the American government.

DO NOT believe the trolls, when it gets to this level, violence (properly directed, not via car into crowd of random people) is the ONLY ANSWER. We need a war big time, but consider this - If a fraud like Kessler could rally conservatives, chances are anyone who is actually successful at rallying any force is going to be a similar fraud. The CIA really has screwed us all over that badly.

Anything at all that gets done has to be with your cousins and uncles, NO FRIENDS OR OUTSIDERS and it all has to be discussed over a campfire, 100 yards away from the nearest car or cell phone. No losers crying to girlfriends on the phone about maybe getting killed. No "common core" allowed. No groups with more than 20 people. If anyone smokes the peace pipe over the camp fire, they're OUT. Might as well shoot them before you leave. If you opt not to, they HAVE TO be chastised and permanently alienated because all they'll do is blow you away with their cell phone, blabbing about what went on. Then they'll wonder why "you drove your car drunk into a bridge" at 115 mph. That's what any idiot would believe, and if they are not ready, they are nothing but a threat.

If something does not happen NOW, we're f*kd.