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We have a quorum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nevada changes the course of human history.....

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For those of you who REALLY WANT DESIRE AND NEED TO HAVE A FREE NATION....Nevada has set a landmark in the halls of history.....Today they have reconvened and remade the NEVADA GOP...and even as I am posting this they are electing delegates to the NATIONAL CONVENTION....(mostly, if not all, Ron Paul delegates) THIS WILL COUNT TOWARDS RON PAUL WINNING THE STATE OF NEVADA....which will allow them to NOMINATE HIM FROM THE FLOOR which is what this whole thing is really all about. Once he has a state that he legally wins(ie gets the majority of delegates for that state) He can then be nominated for President at the National Republican Convention. THIS MEANS THIS CAMPAIGN IS IN FULL GEAR!!!!!

Here is a bit of information on how they are doing this legally....

They did not have a quorum based on the old convention, but that convention has been invalidated due to rule breaking.(see below in bold) So now they have a new quorum with full attendance.Which means it is fully legal and shall withstand the scrutiny of legal challenges that may come!!!!

There is no "former" convention, the convention NEVER recessed. The convention has always been going on. Under RONR (10th. Ed.) sec. 20, p. 222, ln. 30,

"A recess is a short intermission in the assembly's proceedings, commonly only of a few minutes, which does not close the meeting and after which business will immediately be resumed at exactly the point where it was interrupted."

Thus, by definition, a recess can never be used to close a meeting. Under RONR, there are two types of recess: (1) a privileged motion to recess, requiring a majority vote, or (2) a unilateral recess being declared by the chair if it was provided for in the agenda or program. On April 26th, a RECESS was not provided for in the program or agenda (even though the agenda on April 26th. may have provided for ADJOURNMENT at a particular time, completely different from a recess).

Thus, the purported recess on April 26th. would have been valid ONLY if a motion to recess was made and seconded by the convention delegates, and the motion was voted on by a majority of delegates. Even then, however, the recess could not have been used to close the meeting.

For this reason shown above they now have a new quorum that is roughly 300 (a bit more) delegates. And now business is taking place with full legality and force of law behind them. WE THE PEOPLE SHALL AND WILL PREVAIL!!!!!

LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC OF THESE UNITED STATES OF GO spread the word to every man, women and creature that we can still win Ron Paul the PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!