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Bill Clinton Is In A Panic After This Crime From His Past Was Made Public

Kelly Walsh

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Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton has a big problem.

A scandal from his past just blew up.

And now he’s in a panic because this crime was made public.

Monica Lewinsky Reveals Clinton Asked Her To Lie

Bill Clinton still cannot escape the shadow of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

It haunts him to this day.

But his world was turned upside down by what Lewinsky said in a television documentary.

Lewinsky told A&E that Clinton asked her to commit a felony by signing an affidavit lying about their affair.

She said Clinton pushed her to falsely state they had no relationship.

“I was petrified. I was frantic about my family and this becoming public. Thankfully, Bill helped me lock myself back from that and he said I could probably sign an affidavit to get out of it, and he didn’t even know if 100 percent I would be subpoenaed,” Lewinsky said.

Clinton’s allies said it would prevent her from having Paula Jones’ lawyers depose her as part of Jones’ sexual harassment suit against Clinton.

“Frank Carter explained to me if I’d signed an affidavit denying having had an intimate relationship with the president it might mean I wouldn’t have to be deposed in the Paula Jones case,” she said. “I did feel uncomfortable about it but I felt it was the right thing to do, ironically, right? So, the right thing to do, to break the law.”

Lewinsky also revealed that Clinton continued to buy her gifts even though he knew they would be subpoenaed.

“Over the summer he had gone to Martha’s Vineyard and he brought back a bunch of different things,” Lewinsky said. “He had this big canvas bag from the Black Dog. This marble bear, sunglasses. It was the most presents he’d given me at one time. He knew the subpoena was gonna ask to produce certain items and yet he was giving me more gifts. He clearly still trusted me.”

These were the gifts she famously turned over to Betty Currie, Clinton’s secretary.

Other Negative Impacts From The Clinton Scandal

Clinton – using his position as the most powerful man in the world – to prey on a young intern and encouraging her to lie took a toll.

Lewinsky also told A&E that at one point when the FBI was questioning her she contemplated suicide.

“There was a point for me somewhere within these first several hours where I would be hysterically crying and then I would just shut down,” she said. “And in the shutdown period, I just remember looking out the window and thinking the only way to fix this is to kill myself.”

But the big news from this interview was that Lewinsky admitted Clinton encouraged her to lie.

Subornation of perjury is a serious felony.

Richard Nixon resigned from office when it became clear he was paying hush money to the Watergate defendants for them to continue the cover-up.

Clinton may have escaped legal exposure for his crimes.

But the judgment of history will record him as a felon for all time.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.