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If Trump Gets His Way Hillary Clinton Will Be In DEEP Trouble

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Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was the worst thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton.

He destroyed her entire reputation.

And if Trump gets his way in his latest call, things won’t be done for Hillary, and she’ll be in DEEP trouble.

There was a lot that Donald Trump’s campaign exposed about Hillary Clinton during her lifetime in the political arena.

It wasn’t a hard thing to do, since her first day in the public eye; Hillary Clinton has found herself in scandal.

But of all the attacks levied against the former Secretary of State her misuse of a private email server that put classified information at risk was the worst.

Even those in her own party had trouble defending her negligence, and many downright refused to even defend her.

Even former FBI Director James Comey, who let her off the hook, was forced to scold Hillary for her extreme negligence.

But while she wasn’t punished criminally, she faced terrible punishment at the ballot box, as many believe that her email scandal harmed her immensely in the 2016 election.

And although she wasn’t criminally charged, she still isn’t completely off the hook in the arena of public opinion.

A new report that is currently being prepared for release outlines what went into James Comey’s decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

The report was compiled by the Justice Department, and has already been reviewed by Congress.

Because it has already been reviewed by Congress, and is complete, it is concerning to some that it may not be released to the public for some weeks.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to make his concern with this known, questioning delays in release, and speculating that it could be delayed in order to weaken the report.