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TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Michelle Malkin Just Ripped The Clintons' Masks Off & Showed The World Who They Really Are

Staff Writer

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The house of cards surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton is finally collapsing. As Bill Clinton faces new accusations of sexual assault, Michelle Malkin says it’s now the day of reckoning for the Clintons.

For decades now, the liberal media has enabled what Malkin calls the “Clinton Victim Smear Machine” as Bill’s alleged crimes are ignored by the media. Just last year, Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victim, Juanita Broaddrick said Hillary tried to intimidate her into silence. Well, those days are over!

Michelle Malkin described what the liberal media must be going through right now. This is amazing.

“And now, we’ve got this case where you’ve got all of these liberal media journalists who are tying themselves in yoga knots to try and reconcile their own roles and their own capability in enabling the Clintons’ smears against all of his accusers.”