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ANOTHER Journalist Investigating The Clinton’s Has Been FOUND DEAD

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It seems that whenever someone tries to investigate a Clinton they have this horrible habit of turning up dead.

If you took every journalist or underling that had any connection whatsoever with any of the Clinton family that died under suspicious circumstances you would probably be able to field a couple of football teams.

A Maltese investigative journalist who released the islands nation’s links to offshore tax ports through the leaked Panama Papers was murdered on Monday.

Daphne Caruana Galizia, 53 years old, had just driven away from her home in Mosta when a bomb exploded in her car. The explosion sent the vehicle spiraling over a wall and into a field.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said her death was from a “barbaric attack” which was also part of an assault on her “freedom of expression.” He claimed she was one of the harshest critics, on a political and personal level.