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Posted on by State of the Nation

Billionaire Gary Heaven slams the Clintons about Haiti

Gary Heaven’s message to Hillary Clinton, and dialogue amongst local Haiti emergency responders. (Gary is the founder of CURVES)

“Hillary, let me give you a word. First of all I’m wealthier than you are, and here I am with my money, my hands. I’m flying aircraft into these dangerous situations. The head of the Senate here in Haiti said that it of the billions that you collected for these children here only 2%!  2%! You are a grand level thief and the world needs to know about it, Americans need to know about it. If we dare trust you with anything we’re fools, and you know, you’ve proven it over and over again, but Haiti you can’t explain this away.

Look around. Do you see any Clinton fund trucks or airplanes? Isn’t here and I’m an eyewitness. You have the audacity to act as if you care about people. I know you’re a psychopath. You probably get a kick out of the fact that you’re getting away with this grand theft, and it’s because the media the mainstream media in America is your lapdog. I don’t know whether they’re afraid of you, or they buy into your nonsense but I’m not afraid of you. I’m going to challenge you everywhere I can and I’m asking the hundreds of thousands of people who are watching this to get involved, get the word out, get this viral.

Hillary Clinton, with what you’ve done selling state secrets, selling uranium to our so-called enemy, picking a fight with Russia, taking us to the verge of World War 3 but media doesn’t tell us about it. You are the wicked person on this planet, and every time I put food in the mouths of these children I think of what a creepy witch you are. So damn you! This is what you should be doing but you don’t even understand. You’re a psychopath who gets power off getting away with this, and I understand this. You don’t care what I’m saying. The American people who are going to go vote, especially the black Americans, these are black people here that I’m taking care of. The black Americans need to know that you use them for their vote and then you throw them away. You keep them America like Detroit, impoverished, as you have power and control of black Americans. SHAME on you! They’re waking up. I’m not a great Trump fan but he’s not bought and paid by the elites, not bought and paid by the shadow government. Hillary we’re on to you, and we have time to wake the American people up, and get you out of our lives once and for all .. you miserable wretch!”

2:36 Gary and Diane have been down here with their own caravans, they came down with three planes and we’ve been providing help to Dame-Marie, Lachi, and Jeremie. They have been the only ones able to distribute to about 3,000 people, basically food, water, oil, the basic needs for any human being. We don’t see the Red Cross. We haven’t seen the Clinton Foundation doing anything in Haiti. We are the only ones medevacing those trauma people, and Dame-Marie we’re the only flights landing there getting people out that need to be medevaced.

Gary Q. This guy is an EMT. He’s been doing this for quite a while. How much Clinton Fund money have you seen actually put in the hands of Haitians?

EMT. Absolutely nothing right now because we’ve been here since what last Wednesday. We haven’t seen nothing yet.

Gary Q. Most of the Haitians consider Hillary Clinton a thief would that be an accurate description?

EMT. I would say yes. It’s been going on for quite a while.

Anon 1. January 2010 and before that.

EMT. Yep. So this is it.

Anon 1. They were already digging their fingers in Haiti before it happened, and when that catastrophic event took place they seized it, jumped in here and then took a hold of the natural disaster and used it as a way to benefit themselves. That’s what they always do.

Gary. And we have absolute proof that the Clintons have put nothing into Haiti other than getting a gold mine for Hillary’s brother and their rich friends.

4:15 Anon 2. I don’t see major organizations down here. I don’t see major organizations out in that area. We’re the only ones out there. Hero [?] is literally the only one out there in Dame-Marie doing this work, and Dame-Marie is one of the most affected areas where the hurricane went through and devastated the entire town. So we have a bunch of people without homes, without food, without shelter, and in need of medical assistance, so that in itself should be screaming out to the world that yes we need eyes back on Haiti because we can’t do it alone, we desperately need help.

4:45 Anon 3. You know what’s amazing aside from some small-scale US military aid, and some other Christian organizations, I looked around and thought, I wonder where the Religion of Peace is at? Why aren’t these guys down here helping out? Where’s the Clinton Foundation that’s collected hundreds of millions of dollars from the earthquake, and dispensed, you know if people were lucky they got ten cents on the dollar out of that. And I think the large part of it is really to blame on the media. The media hasn’t covered the story. This country is devastated.

5:23 Anon 4. Haiti Air Ambulance, the ‘great’ organization with a beautiful helicopter, ambulance, and staff. They want to come here and take our patients but they can’t go round trip on one tank of gas. Okay? The only people they can get gas from out here is MINUSTHA and they won’t sell them gas because they need it for their operation. They won’t let us do medevacs on UN planes. They won’t let us do medevacs on army planes.

Gary. The army won’t let you do medevac right?

Anon 4. The army won’t. They come here and take our people.