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URGENT: Election fraud vote imminent . . .

Mat Staver

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Although we continue to laser-focus on fighting the COVID shot mandates, we are also working to stop the election fraud bills. Chuck Schumer has teed up the U.S. Senate to vote on one of the bills that will legalize election fraud. The senators need to hear from you.

The misnamed “Freedom to Vote Act” (S 2747) is a direct attack on our election integrity. It forces states and localities to be controlled by Joe Biden’s biased administration’s control and people like Schumer or Nancy Pelosi.

Stopping this bill is critical! If we lose, America is gone. Your vote will never count again. Every state election reform bill will be nullified.

Senate Democrats are using every trick to push this bill through the Senate. This is why they need to hear from you urgently. Send your fax right now to demand that this bill be blocked! —Mat

Even those advocating for this bill publicly admit that while S 2747 is “sometimes described as a ‘compromise bill,’ but let’s be clear: The bill is no compromise.” The bill’s nearly 600 pages will force states to comply with a radical Democrat agenda intent on permanent power and control. It will:

  • Create an “Office of State Democracy Promotion” where a partisan appointee of the current president has blanket power to “promulgate such rules and regulations as the Director considers necessary and appropriate to carry out the duties of the Office under this Act.”
  • Mandate dropboxes in every jurisdiction as “established” by a partisan attorney general.
  • Demand all people be automatically registered to vote.
  • Prohibit states from requiring a Social Security number—which makes double voting hard to detect.
  • Demand online voter registration.
  • Require same-day registration at all polling locations.
  • Distribute absentee ballots with no application requesting them.
  • Replace voter ID with a “sworn written statement,” allowing anyone to cast a ballot in another person’s name.
  • Include speech-chilling measures such as forcing political groups to disclose the name and home address of all donors.
  • Push for MORE partisan federal control over online political advertisements, which will lead to even greater censorship.
  • Match contributions up to $200 with a 6X match of government funds, which can be up to 1.8 billion dollars.
  • And much more!

We must stop S 2747. Send your urgent faxes to critical members of the Senate to STOP S 2747!

Chuck Schumer filed what is called “cloture,” which means that as of today, the Senate can vote on S 2747 at any time. Even though the Democrats do not have 60 votes to overcome the filibuster, they could get 51 with Joe Manchin.

With the budget reconciliation process imminent this month, the Democrats are maneuvering to slip in S 2747 under the 51-vote budget rule. This is what allows the budget and any “related” bills to slide through with only a 51-vote majority of the Senate.

It would just take a quick designation to allow S 2747 to become a part of the already massive budget process and pass the Senate with 51 votesIt is absolutely critical that everyone be on high alert to block this “related” designation and stop S 2747.

Send your faxes to critical members of the U.S. Senate.

In addition, this bill also will block nearly all objections to potentially fraudulent votes.

Under this bill, an objection can be raised only if the poll watcher has personal knowledge that the voter is ineligible, if documentation of their objection is in writing and if it is sworn to by the objector under threat of perjury.

Objections cannot be raised on Election Day if they could have been raised sooner. For late registrants, objections are limited to a 10-day-or-less window.

For same-day registrants, countless people could fraudulently register and vote. The local poll watcher would have about a 3-minute window to object and provide documentation. This threshold is so high that, in practice, it eliminates all possible objections.

This is what Democrats want. They want fraud that no one can stop. This bill is designed to permanently destroy election integrity, throw our nation into chaos and give permanent control to the Democratic Party. Send your urgent fax to the Senate and demand S 2747 be stopped before it causes incalculable damage to our nation.

As you know, our staff is also working to fight mandatory COVID shots. The task is overwhelming. We can only do this because of your support. The massive class action lawsuit was filed Friday. On Monday, the federal court set a preliminary injunction hearing. The case of Navy SEAL v. Biden is moving quickly.

Join us to stop S 2747 and help us help tens of thousands of people end these COVID shot mandates.

Our Challenge Grant will DOUBLE the impact of your gift. Support Liberty Counsel Action by selecting here or the button below.

We can win! Join your voice with others and demand S 2747 be STOPPED. Also, pray for the class action lawsuit against Biden on behalf of all members of the military, federal employers and federal civilian contractors. The case is moving quickly through the federal court.


Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


P.S. DOUBLE the impact of your gift through our Challenge Grant.

P.P.S. Send a fax directly to the senators to urge them to fight against election fraud. Finally, sign our petition against this bill.


“The Freedom to Vote Act Is No ‘Compromise.’ It’s an Imperative.” 2021. FlaglerLive. October 17, 2021.

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