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More Proof Democrats Don't Understand Campaign Finance Law


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The so-called Democrat "Resistance" is absolutely clueless when it comes to the realities of campaign finance law.

As The Western Journal reports:


As often as the left screams “campaign finance violation” in its ongoing witch hunt against President Donald Trump, you’d think they would try to get it right once in a while.

A federal grand jury recently indicted Roger Stone for obstructing the Mueller investigation, making false statements and witness tampering. The 66-year-old Stone was arrested in an early-morning raid by armed SWAT teams — a strong-arm tactic traditionally reserved for Mafia bosses — in a move hat-tipped to CNN. (So much for the Mueller investigation’s impartiality.)

The anti-Trump left’s immediate response was typical, with talking heads referencing campaign finance violations that somehow implicate the White House. They were loud, and they were wrong. While the indictment relates to Stone’s conduct during the Mueller investigation with respect to his subsequent statements about campaign-era hacked emails damaging to Hillary Clinton, it does not accuse him of any crimes committed during the 2016 campaign — or anything campaign finance-related...

Unfortunately for the left, they are just flat-out wrong about what the law actually says — yet again.

If the extreme Democrat left can't get it right when it comes to campaign finance law, how can they be trusted to try and run the country?