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Campaign Finance Lawyer Destroys Anti-Trump Narrative


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A campaign finance lawyer is setting the record straight after news broke that Trump's convicted felon, former fixer, will testify on Capitol Hill. President Trump did not break campaign finance violations during the campaign, according to the lawyer.

According to Investors Business Daily:

You probably heard the news: Convicted felon and self-styled "Fixer" Michal Cohen is going to Capitol Hill. There, he will peddle his personal fiction about campaign finance violations before a giddy liberal mob.

Don't confuse it for reality. The Democrats may embrace "Orange Man Bad" as a legal theory, but that does not mean the Trump campaign violated federal campaign finance laws in 2016. I'm a campaign finance lawyer in Washington, D.C., and I'm here to tell you: President Trump did not break campaign finance law.


Alas, the liberal media is doubling down on its smoke-and-mirrors routine. CNN and the New York Times aren't stupid: Create enough smoke, and Americans will start believing there's really a fire — even when there isn't. And you've seen the smoke by now: The hush-money payment was allegedly discussed in Trump Tower, so guilty!

Reality check: This so-called "campaign office" is a building owned by President Trump, and where he happened to be. If he discussed the purchase of New York Yankees tickets in the campaign office, that doesn't make it a campaign expense. Campaign offices aren't magical bubbles full of regulatory slime infesting everything they touch. But a Trump campaign official was there, so guilty!

Backer also points out the fact that Democrats led Congressional hush money payments from taxpayer funds in order to silence alleged victims of sexual misconduct.