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This ad will finally expose Obama

Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

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March 14, 2012

One week from today, Patriot Super PAC will begin production of what could be the BREAKTHROUGH ad of the entire political season.

Every election, one or two ads really carry the day, like the “Swift Boat” ads that sunk John Kerry. This new ad has that kind of potential. Allow me to explain...

Instead of throwing together a standard political attack ad, we are developing a high production value project that will feel more like a movie trailer while putting the focus back on the economy.

+ + Breaking through the Obama deception

The fact is, Barack Obama got elected in 2008 by fooling a lot of people. And sadly, it's happening again. The Obama team is succeeding at lying about their economic record and distracting voters with other issues. Unfortunately, many conservatives are playing right into Obama's hand.

That's why we must produce this new ad as quickly as possible.


Patriot Super PAC's new ad tells the story of an American family facing economic ruin from rising costs and plummeting home values. Then, with a sudden twist that will totally catch viewers off guard, the ad exposes the Obama regime for what it is -- a lie based on empty promises.

The key moment in the ad will leave the viewer with an unforgettable visual image of the real impact of the Obama regime on our economy and our liberties.

+ + Your Help Needed To Lauch This Powerful Ad

Even though the PAC launched just a few weeks ago, in order to get this breakthrough ad in production we had to commit thousands of dollars immediately to the production team. Then there’s the cost to air the ad. That means the PAC must raise $20,000 as quickly as possible just to keep us moving foward on schedule.

These expenses are already pushing the PAC to the limit but we simply must move ahead quickly because this election season is now upon us.


Will you consider making a special contribution to the Patriot Super PAC right now to help launch this breakthrough ad and continue the PAC's vital efforts to defeat Obama and elect true Tea Party candidates in 2012? Go here:


+ + We must fight back against Obama's Big Hollywood Backers


As you know, the Obama team continues to raise tens, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars from Left-wing activists in Hollywood like Bill Maher. And despite Maher's hate-filled rhetoric against conservative women, Obama is keeping every penny.

The Left is playing for keeps. They intend to win the election by deceiving the nation. We can fight back but we need your help.


Thanks in advance,


Steve Elliott, Patriot Super PAC Board

Tom Freiling, Executive Director


P.S. I wish I could share more details about the key moment in the ad but I simply cannot. The ad concept is so explosive that if word got out, the Left would undoubtedly try to mute our impact even before we launched. We were studying some of the most impactful political ads in TV history when the idea for our new ad crystallized. This ad could "Swift Boat" Obama and put the focus back on the economy. But right now, the PAC urgently needs your help. Please make your best gift by going here:


This is YOUR Super PAC!

Donate Today To Help Defeat Obama:


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