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Texas is Ron Paul Country. Lets Show the Nation How to Stop the Vote Riggers and Party Hacks.

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March 4, 2012

Ron Paul should enjoy the notoriety of the people in Texas. I cannot see Texans throwing their support behind a north east liberal pretending to be conservative like Romney. The Lone Star State is where the break out state can be for Ron Paul. Texas is full of activist and many grassroots efforts. This is the state where we can throw the political machine off balance to stop the vote rigging. We must seek and find who is in the party leadership and watch every move they make between now and April 6th.

Lets Texas be the Waterloo for the GOP neo conservatives and the vote riggers. This is the place we can put an end to the election fraud and the party shenanigans. This is the place we show the other states how to stop the party hacks and how to make them scared of us, This is the state we can start holding these vote riggers and fraudsters accountable. We need to make the party chairmen and all the party leadership more visible to the public eye more than ever before.

This is the weakness of the party hacks. We are not making those responsible not visible enough in the public eye.Having their faces all over YouTube getting unwanted publicity might be the answer. We are not getting in their faces with our cameras asking them the hard questions the press will not dare ask.  Having all that extra attention they do not want nor asking for it might be the key to bringing down the fraud machine in Texas. The Party leadership in the State and on the County level enjoyed the luxury is some obscurity with little exposure from the media. It is time the citizen journalist go seek and find these people. We must let them know we are watching them.

Texas is not Gingrich's state. It is not Santorum's stronghold. Texas is not Romneyland. Texas is Ron Paul country. Texas has nothing in common with Romney, nor with the other two losers. Texas belongs to Ron Paul. This is the place we show how real grassroots activism works, this is the place we show how the other states can stop the election fraud. Israel and the Bankers cannot steal an election and get away with it if the light is shined upon them. If we can get the Party to run a fair election not going along with the marching orders from the top because they fear the people and their own demise. Then Ron Paul can take Texas easily if we show presence.

This is the opportunity we have to seize for our taking. Ron Paul needs a big victory. A there is no place like Texas to make a beginning. Life is not fair, The media is not fair and the republican party is certainly not being fair either. That is no excuse anymore. If Romney wins Texas it is because we believed we can't win no matter what. Every time I hear a person say "They will not allow Ron Paul to win". That is the person holding the freedom movement back. Self defeatism inside the Ron Paul revolution is our worst enemy. Not the other side. Until we believe we can win. Then do not count on a victory anytime soon.

For those people who like Ron Paul who also believe they will not let him win. Here is my advice. Please stay home. We do not need your self defeating attitudes around here. We do not need your cop out excuses not to give it all you have. We have plenty have motivated people here in Texas ready to move. We do not need people who will only just hold us back. God Bless Texas. The Lone Star State is Ron Paul Country. No RINOS welcome.