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NDAA and the US Constitution - Romney & Gingrich

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FW 3/2/12

NDAA and the US Constitution - Part 1: Romney & Gingrich
Watch Here:
NDAA and the US Constitution - Part 2: Romney & Gingrich
NDAA and the US Constitution - Part 3: Romney & Gingrich
This video series takes a critical look at the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) recently signed into law. This law is just the most recent example of our government using the justification of fear and the war on terror to remove the constraints on government power which are intrinsic to our Constitution. If you examine the ramifications of the changes, it becomes clear that the wisdom of the protections of civil liberties included in our constitution can and should be applied to the modern age.
Part 1: Romney & Gingrich -

Part 2: Shut up! You don't get a lawyer!!! -

Part 3: War and repeal -

Find out if your representative voted for the NDAA here:
Learn more about the legal precedents that gradually stripped away our rights leading ot the current NDAA here: