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FULFORD: Octagon group in Switzerland sues for peace after Evelyn de Rothschild dies [FULL Rrepot]

Benjamin Fulford

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The Khazarian mafia, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, is trying to negotiate a peace agreement with the rest of the world as their top man Evelyn de Rothschild dies and their empire collapses. As a part of this, the Octagon group, the head of Interpol, the new Chinese emperor and a group of Swiss billionaires (who control the area around Lake Geneva), have asked the White Dragon Society to send a representative to Switzerland. The situation has even reached the point where Russian men in black, who deal with paranormal entities, have made a move (more about this later).

However, Queen Elizabeth II, before her recent murder, warned against going to Switzerland because “it was a trap.” Mossad sources agree. So, for now, the WDS has decided to wait for the old Swiss-run Khazarian mafia-controlled “new world order,” to collapse.

This collapse is now taking place at an accelerating rate, especially with the ongoing implosion of the United States.

This week’s G20 meeting in Bali, Indonesia, may be the last show of control by the KM who will try to portray Russia as being “isolated,” when in fact the opposite is true: the United States has become the laughing stock of the world.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who just arrived in Bali,

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 says the situation in the world is still very tense because of “insistent attempts of the US-led Western alliance to stave off the complete loss of their global leadership in a hope to continue to resolve their problems at the expense of other members of the international community. This is the goal of the neo-colonial concept of the rule-based world order advanced by the Americans and their allies.” He then added “the overwhelming majority of countries” do not support this agenda.

Most importantly, Germany and the EU have broken with the KM-controlled US and made a deal with Russia. That has now been confirmed by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu ordering his troops to the Russian side of the Dnieper River.

As the Russian Tass news agency notes: “Germany intends to improve relations with Russia and China, despite US’ objections…Let’s not forget that the Netherlands lifted sanctions against Russia…the US does not have the power to impose order on the world and introduce new rules.”

At this point, the KM control grid has been reduced to Canada, the US, Ukraine and Switzerland.

Even this won’t last long because the KM-occupied US collapsing both politically and economically. The fact they say they cannot figure out who won the November 8th mid-term elections until December or beyond illustrates the political paralysis. That is why “Arizona election officials are prepared to work through Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas as well”.  

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Here are more visuals related to this farce. 

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Even if the Rockefellers can keep their Biden clown show going on for a bit longer, the ongoing US economic collapse will bring it all down sooner rather than later.

For example, the article linked below shows 11 recent signs of this collapse.

Even Silicon Valley is now being hit. Over just the past week alone 20.000 people have been fired. Twitter, Facebook (Meta), Stripe, Salesforce etc. have been dumping staff and places like Amazon and Google are close on their heels.

This is just the beginning of the pain because the US default on October 14th means imports of oil from the Middle East and goodies from Asia are drying up. That is why empty container ships are being recalled from the US to elsewhere.

And as a result shortages of daily items have begun in earnest.

More importantly, according to MI6 the death of Evelyn de Rothschild was probably linked to stress from that family having lost control of the financial printing presses that kept the entire US/Ukraine horror show going.

It is no coincidence that his death was followed by the collapse of Sam Bankman-Frieds’ FTX and his hedge fund, Alameda Research. This was a giant money laundering operation that took the over $100 billion pledged for Ukraine and sent it to finance election theft in the US, Mossad sources say.

“This FTX situation may be the straw that breaks the financial system and the Fake Biden circus show,” the sources note. 

In the end, this implosion will probably destroy the entire Davos World Economic tragi/comedy as this tweet notes:

“Dear Davos elite and @wef: it appears you accidentally deleted your FTX Partner website. Lucky for you we found it in the internet archive”

Now check out the photos of Sam with his buddies Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.”

With this central bank fiat money laundering operation shut down, no wonder the WDS got a flurry of calls from Switzerland last week.

This is where the Russian men in black come into the picture. As an FSB source explains “In Russia we have a group of ex-KGB generals who organized a ‘global security council’ who identified something they call a ‘global predictor.’” The generals are not sure what it is, but something, “perhaps an AI or perhaps a group of alien minds who live longer than 500 years can predict future events and put them into movies, TV shows etc.,” the FSB source notes,

This is interesting because CIA and Mossad sources have also noted this predictive programming phenomenon in shows like the Simpsons.

That is why the Russians are proposing an alliance with Western white hats to set up a competing predictive system showing better future scenarios than the mostly dystopian ones now being presented.

The Russian and Western “white hats” are also noting that this future control mechanism is increasingly relying on avatars.

For example, MI6 sources believe the real Donald Trump died on October 10, 1989. However, due to the role Trump had to play, he was replaced with an avatar. Because of this, after the accident, Ivana Trump divorced him and received custody of the children. However, readers who have met Donald Trump recently would disagree that he is the real man. Anyway, replacing the real man with an avatar to play a role in manipulating history is the same reason Vladimir Putin and Nelson Mandela’s wives got divorced after the real men were replaced with actors were, according to the sources.

Perhaps the strangest confirmation of this kind came when George Bush Sr. was killed in front of live TV cameras during a dinner with Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, only to magically reappear younger after falling under the table.

In any case, the current “Trump” will announce Mar A Lago on November 15th. “It’s not about him running for president in 2024. (In my humble opinion) I sense something more important,” says a Mossad source.

“Now we have the avatars coming out right after Trump’s announcement. You can’t make that up. The satanic KM cabal is pulling out everything they’ve got. George W. Bush and Barack Obama will follow Trump’s ‘big announcement’ on Tuesday holding back-to-back ‘disinformation conferences’ – but organizers say it wasn’t planned,” the source continued.

Be that as it may, it seems that many events are no longer going according to plan.

Here is an example from Canada. See Avatar KM Chrystia Nazi Freeland. This is not the original Freeland. Notice how slowly she speaks. She repeatedly reminds Canadians that she is so privileged, while we farmers have to make decisions about rent or food…

“I’m a very privileged person, like other federally elected leaders. I get a really high salary and I know that puts me in a really privileged position. The people who are struggling in Canada aren’t like me – they are not federally elected politicians like me.”

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Chrystia Freeland is a Ukrainian whose grandfather, Mykhailo Khomiak, worked for Goebbels as editor-in-chief of a Nazi newspaper in Ukraine. She marched with the Ukrainian Nazi organization Right Sector. She sits on the board of the WEF together with Klaus Schwab. The US has confirmed her as head of NATO.

Klaus Schwab’s dream of a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” sounds a lot like the Fourth Reich, with the granddaughter of a leading Nazi figure and “Great Reset” advocate at the helm of NATO.

Chrystia Freeland was personally responsible for ordering the monitoring and bank account freezes of all Canadian truckers who participated in the Freedom Convoy in early 2022 and their supporters. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, she’s also the personal biographer of CGI George Soros.

Canadians have had enough. For example, Danielle Smith, the Prime Minister of Alberta, said why her province is not accepting pandemic and vaccine orders from Klaus Schwab Rothschild:

“The person you mention (Klaus Schwab) is not, to my mind, a doctor, nurse, paramedic, or health professional. I find it distasteful when billionaires brag about how much control they have over political leadership, like [ Klaus Schwab], and I find that offensive. The people who should run government are the people who elect them.”

Then when asked about the WEF, she said:

“Well I’m not a young global leader of tomorrow, I’ve never been to any of their events and looking at how [Canadian opposition leader] Pierre Polivier says he has no intention of attending their events and either not to let his ministers participate, then I agree.”

The provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, New Brunswick, Quebec and the Yukon Territory are already rebelling against Ottawa.


Citizens, too, have begun to fight the tyranny of vaccines.

Then you watch this pro-Trudeau attorney break down while questioning a witness in the last Public Order Emergency Commission.

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Look what is now on the front page of an Australian newspaper: Biden child porn shock. The truth is out of the bag. It cannot be repackaged.

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These kinds of things happen all over the world. In Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro declared martial law after attempting to steal an election. Military arrest warrants are now being issued against the Supreme Court, the Supreme Electoral Court and the National Congress. The Brazilian civilian government has been SUSPENDED pending the clarification of the state of emergency.

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No wonder the KM-controlled corporate press avoids the subject of Brazil.

This has also spread to Peru, where an anti-government popular uprising is not reported.

A similar situation exists in Israel, where attempts have been made to transform the country into a theocracy led by Benyamin Netanyahu. A Mossad source says: “The election is not yet certain. There is a lot of opposition from the real Hebrew people. The non-Zionists want nothing to do with him except see him in prison or worse.

“This is a last-ditch attempt by KM to hold Avatar Bibi for another round,” says another Mossad source. As a warning shot for the KM, the Dimona nuclear weapons factory in Israel was destroyed to ensure the KM’s Sampson option was neutralized, the source adds. So it’s no surprise that Israel has also disappeared from corporate news. It looks like the Jews there will be liberated soon.

The big question is when will the UN itself be removed from KM control. At the moment they are trying to stage a farce that will allow them to steal money from Russia to keep their show going a little longer.

As the Russian UN envoy notes, “I would like our Western colleagues to demonstrate their total loyalty to their principles and their willingness to compensate for the damage they have caused to developing countries during centuries of colonialism, slavery and the plundering of their natural resources. Not to mention hundreds of aggressions and break-ins.”

We are hearing from the Interpol chief and other sources that only a Nuremberg-style tribunal on the COVID and vaccine crimes will put an end to KM.

As Judge Anna von Reitz notes, these are the groups that have been exempted from vaccination:

1. All members of Congress and all their staff.

2. All White House staff and their families.

3. All Pfizer officers and their families and their employees.

4. All Moderna officers, their families and their employees.

5. All Johnson and Johnson officers and their families and employees.

6. All officers of CDC, INC. and their families and employees.

7. All executives of FDA, INC. and their families and employees.

8. 8. Eight million Chinese exchange students.

9. Six million illegal immigrants.

10. All the homeless who stalk our streets.

We also have clear evidence that Covid was a failed mass murder attempt

This will not go unpunished and will certainly bring KM down.

However, the end of the KM rule can certainly trigger events that go far beyond the usual parameters we are used to. Here is some of the evidence:

Strange footage from the Euphrates


Evidence that battles actually happen in DUMBS

A UAP over Lake Wheeler, Saskatchewan region, Canada

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A UFO drone captured 10 days after the Fukushima incident in Japan in 2011

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A U.S. Space Force Chevron in flight

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The US Space Force logo

A US Space Force chevron on the ground

The Chevrons are based in Antarctica and Thule, Greenland, according to our classified sources.

However, until we are able to pilot these spaceships ourselves, we must keep fighting the enemy that we can see instead of waiting for the space forces to rescue them.