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Covid Tyranny

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State of the Nation

If there is a perfect battleground with the perfect opponents fighting at the perfect time during this apocalyptic Covid biowar, it is the epic battle being fought at this very moment in Melbourne, Australia between the world’s top tennis player and GOAT Djokovic Novak and the incorrigibly corrupt Australian government.

Truly, it doesn’t get any bigger than this one.

Talk about a divinely preordained drama that pits the most courageous VIP non-vaxxer in the world — NOVAK Djokovic— against the most tyrannical COVID-1984 government in the world—the “Mandate Morrison” administration.

KEY POINT: Like no other country on Earth, the Australian government has consistently locked down its citizenry and aggressively attempted to vaccinate every citizen in all of the 7 territories.  The Northern Territory has even carried out forced vaccinations by the Aussie military in areas populated by the aboriginal indigenous people.

NOVAK Djokovic & the Australian Open

The annual professional tennis tour kicks off every year with the first of four Grand Slam tournaments held at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia, and this year is no exception … … … except that it is!

Not only has the number 1 seed — Novak Djokovic — had his visa revoked twice by the Australian authorities, he was placed in a substandard detention facility that normally houses illegal immigrants.

Remember, Novak’s mantra throughout this saga has simply been: I got COVID-19 this year and the resulting antibody protection is his best vaccine.  That is a paraphrasing of his various comments on this weighty matter.

Of course, his very personal testimony is even rock solid in the world of epidemiology, which is why the NWO medical authorities worldwide are so afraid of his scientifically sound message.

That NOVAK has repeatedly rejected any Covid vaccination program only makes him more dangerous to the official yet PATENTLY FALSE vaccine narrative.

In view of so many professional athletes either dropping dead during competition or dying soon after their vaccines only makes the NOVAK message resonate all the more with vax truth-seekers everywhere.

Really, who but “the Creator and Almighty God” would see to it that NOVAK received such a divinely inspired name — NOVAK — on his May 22nd birthday in 1987?!

It’s entirely true: IT DOES GET ANT BIGGER than the battlefield that NOVAK is on right now.  And he’s fighting for ALL of humanity—every single one of us.  Even the rabidly pro-vaccine crowd is being served by NOVAK‘s brave response to the gross injustices and glaring illegalities that he has been subjected to.

Going forward, by his every action and inaction on this Land Down Under battleground, NOVAK has the awesome opportunity to lay bare and totally blow up THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC, once and for all.

Everything that has occurred thus far in the process of his entering the country to play this pro tennis tourney has served to shine the spotlight on the rapidly intensifying Covid tyranny spreading across the planet.

That NOVAK has had to comply with such a draconian and inherently flawed process, and one which highlights blatantly unscientific dictates being made by power-hungry politicians, only makes this epochal war between Covid truth and falsehood all the more necessary.

It’s not only the final outcome of the current unfair process that NOVAK is being subjected to regarding his visa approval and restored right to play that matters, it’s really the whole COVID-1984 tyranny that’s on trial.

If ever We the People of planet Earth need to come together and support a tremendously righteous man whose time has come, it’s right now.

From this day onward, vax-informed people around the globe need to be chanting from the very depths of their being—“I AM NOVAK”, “I AM NOVAK”, “I AM NOVAK”.

Because what they are presently doing to NOVAK, they can easily do to each and every one of us.

State of the Nation

January 14, 2022