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Trump Sends A Message, [DS] Relays Instructions To [BT] – Episode 1919

On: July 17, 2019

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Boris Johnson is maneuvering to sideline Parliament, he is waiting for the right time, and the right time is when they are on holiday.  The [CB] economy is collapsing, the housing market is declining, the economy needs a rate cut and stimulus to keep it going. The MSM cannot figure out why the [CB] is cutting rates, they are totally confused. The [CB] took the bait, they are blaming it on all trump and his trade wars. Pelosi pushes resolution in the House, while she violates the rules. The [DS] is getting ready to push their real candidate out. Investigative reporters dig deep into Rep. Omar’s past. [PP] is in the news. Another part of the Witch Hunt comes to end, Judge orders all information made public. Flynn is back in the news and something very interesting just happened. Schiff tells Big Tech they better have a plan to deal with deep fake videos. Trump sends a message and trolls the Squad.