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Credo Mutwa - Zulu spiritual teacher and shaman speaks

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I demand of the nations of the world: stop looting Africa. Stop defiling my motherland. Listen to Africa. Credo Mutwa - Before my eyes finally close in death (YouTube video - 8½ mins)

My greatest wish, honourable friends, is that the truth should be told, before my eyes finally close in death.

Last night, I thought at long last I would find the rest I need. I cannot live in a world where there is so much evil, a world at the same time which has so much potential for good.

I demand of the nations of the world: stop looting Africa. Stop defiling my motherland. Listen to Africa, please. Listen to a race already under sentence of death by American, British and whatever scientists.

We have been sentenced to death without being given a chance to plead in our own defence. We have been condemned like unwanted dogs.

A disease was made specifically to destroy us. We have never been given a chance.

Before the judgement seat of whatever imaginary God there may be, I demand that Africa be given a hearing. I demand that Africa should not be destroyed until she has had her fullest chance to plead in her defence. Even a criminal standing on the very edge of the scaffold, still has a chance to speak in his or her defence.

Africa …. Africa has much to contribute to the world. And I speak as one who, through no cleverness of my own, but through the blind hand of fate - don’t ask me about Japan, I know those fragrant islands - don’t ask me about Hawaii, I was there. Don’t ask me about Peru - about that mighty lake called Titicaca, where my African lungs could barely breathe.

I want Africa to be given a fair hearing by the nations of the world before she is destroyed, because we are being destroyed. America, Britain, and whatever monstrous creatures are skulking behind those nations, have sentenced my people to death.

But we Africans are the golden link that connects all humanity together. We should be listened to. We have got a case to plead at the foot of the judgement seat of cruel humanity.

I have lived. I have travelled. I feel no sense of achievement. I just feel a great sorrow that a nation can sentence another nation to death, like so much vermin.

My wife of forty years is dead. The woman who presented me with eight children is gone. My eyes are haunted by the memory of her.

I, Credo Mutwa, have no right to breathe the air of this Earth. I should die and go …. go to hell in a bucket, for all I care. But the truth must be spoken through these lips before they are silenced forever.

AB comment: Credo Mutwa is a Zulu spiritual teacher and shaman. He is preparing to die. His words, transcribed above, were recorded by Bill Ryan and David Icke at Credo Mutwa's home in Kuruman, South Africa, on Tuesday 24th August 2010. During his address, Mutwa refers to the AIDS/HIV retrovirus which was deliberately engineered as a bioweapon by the Western cabal. This was designed to depopulate and demoralise Africa in preparation for a mining and resources landgrab by UK/US-controlled corporations. From 1980 onwards, for several years, the HIV bioweapon was distributed throughout Africa by the World Health Organisation in deliberately contaminated blood transfusion stocks supplied to disaster areas. The same élite Western bioterrorists attempted a similar trick on Asian population targets using the SARS coronavirus in 2002-2003. Mutwa also refers to "monstrous creatures" skulking behind the UK and the US. He is here referring to the fourth dimensional Anunnaki reptilians and to the third dimensional human/reptilian bloodlines which they spawned. These negative bloodlines are often referred to as the Illuminati and many of them are cloned. So are many of their political, military and financial minions. More about Credo Mutwa can be found here, here, here and here. And more about the ongoing world landgrab is introduced here (12.09.10).


Sept. 12, 2010