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US after new military ventures in Africa

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The United States is taking its military venture in Africa to new levels amid suspicions that Washington could be advancing yet another hidden agenda.

American operatives are expected to fly pilot-less surveillance aircrafts over the Seychellois [Seychelles] territory from US ships off its coast, in what Washington claims are meant to spy on the Somali pirates, according to a BBC report on Wednesday.

Washington has also started to equip Mali with USD 4.5 million worth of military vehicles and communications equipment, in what is reported to be an increasing US involvement in Africa.

The latter nation is reportedly cooperating with the US to fend off alleged al-Qaeda operatives in North Africa.

The developments come as the White House seeks grounds to establish a major military presence in Africa.

US officials have been strongly arguing that there is an alleged terror nexus in Somalia along with a militant-run recruitment network which, they claim, could ensnare the Somali-American community.

The US reportedly started operating spy planes over Somalia in 2006 when it generously aided an Ethiopian military intervention in the Horn of Africa nation.

Commenting on the developments, analysts caution that similar pretexts were used to justify the US invasion of Afghanistan, the missile attacks in Pakistan, and its waning military operations in Iraq, where the civilian population continue to bear the brunt of the US intervention.