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A WHOLE LOOK MORE - A Missile Hit the Pentagon

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New perspectives upon previously released videos proves conclusively that a missile was used to attack the Pentagon on 911.  


Image sets 1 and 2 following below were taken from video: , posted on YouTube May 2, 2010.


First off, while categorically suggesting that an American Airline disguised missile hit the Pentagon is one thing, showing that such thing is even possible is another. As the following three images show bare faced in the noon day sun, whether by whistle blower leak or by deliberate released is moot, the fact remains that Americans have fooled around with missiles camouflaged to look like American Airline aircraft at least once in their lifetimes. This in no way of course proves that such a missile was used against the Pentagon. It's just interesting to note that at least someone somewhere has played around at least once with such a missile within the current annuls of recorded history.


Set 1.




More importantly, in the twelve frames below the object hitting the Pentagon comes in successively from the left, using the size of the small white out building in front of the Pentagon as benchmark, clearly the object is pint size and only a tiny fraction of the size of a Passenger Jet. More importantly, there are no large wings or a tail section showing anywhere in any of the images.



This is a definitive smoking gun video. The view is from a considerable height and distance. You can't tell from the stills, but if you strobe the images successively like a kinescope, the images will rotate counter clockwise around approximately where the arrow is pointing. Proving conclusively that the video was taken from an aircraft flying by the Pentagon to the left. (Presumably the unmarked white one that just happened to be in the area when the object struck). Someone evidently decided it was time to blown the whistle and thank you for it.


Set 2.






Similarly, the next following image sets were gleaned from an assortment of Pentagon 911 related materials found on In light of the above, it is interesting to see what was really going on in the officially released videos purporting to show supposed evidence of the supposed plane which supposedly hit the Pentagon.


The first set is from a famous security camera video which was reluctantly released by the authorities after much public clamour. The video is about 8 frames long and was released to sic., prove that it was a jet plane which hit the Pentagon, because sic., as any fool can plainly see the plane's nose cone section can be seen coming in from the right hand side in the second image.


Set 3.




The problem is that this video is a doctored 'Fool You' of the highest order. A more virgin copy of the video eventually surfaced which shows clearly that the so called airplane nose cone section was actually a smoke and dust trail scuffed up by the passing object. Which is  very likely the cloud trail shown in image 6 of Set 2 as it is about the right size and location. Proving consistency in the record. Also proving how tiny the object actually is as  it is completely masked by the gas pump in front. 


Set 4.




An extreme blow up of the smoke and dust trail shows the fact even more clearly.


Set 5.




A second security camera video was also eventually released, likewise used to claim that the smoke and dust trail at the right was the nose cone section of a jet plane.


Set 6.




Whoever the official 'They' are, 'they' gave away the game with this one. An extreme blow up of the sic, nose cone below, and a careful comparison of images 1 and 2 shows the presence of a very feint linear smudge appearing just in front of the sic., nose cone.  I.e. the actual object creating the trail. The smudge is just in front of the trail and just under the predominant white roof in the background. The object is clearly a missile in size and not a passenger jet aircraft.


Set 7.




Actually,  it would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic. NBC News had the missile bare faced all along in a news blow up of the nose cone and never even knew  it. A quick comparison between image 1 of the Set above and the two images below proves the point.


Set 8.





Many attempts have also been made to place a full size passenger jet in due perspective in front of  the Pentagon. Two are shown below. Despite being conjectures, the attempts are highly revealing for two reasons  First, the object in Set 2 could not be a jet plane as the two respective scales relative to the Pentagon in the two respective image sets clearly show.


The second reason is the  money shot. Namely, the positions of the jets in the two simulations as taken from the official story, clearly imply the jet coming in at an angle from the right. The actual trajectory as revealed in Set 2 clearly shows the object coming in at an angle from the left. A discrepancy of nearly ninety degrees. Obviously on of the Sets is lying, specifically Set 9. The official story becomes unofficially, official twaddle.


Set 9.




As final proof for those of you whose rump is still between your ears, the original impact hole in the Pentagon was in fact the exact size of a missile as the images below prove by self evident fact. There are absolutely no signs, or even a trace of, wing or tail section markings against the building.


Set 10.





The floors above collapsed 45 minutes later, producing the impression that a much bigger craft had hit the building, a false fact which has been used by the media ever since for continuing to bolster the twaddle story. Also note that the image was taken from immediately after the collapse, before anyone had time to scatter small aircraft parts around the lawn to try and lipstick up the story.


Set 11.




A lie revealed is self destroyed. In short, it looks like the official story has been shot down by a, er, missile.


Sept. 2, 2010