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9/11 Truth Is "Splitting the Sky"

Peter Zaza

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The Legend

Centuries before the U.S. Constitution was even imagined, the Iroquois Confederacy codified a set of rules known as the Great Law. These rules of conduct formed the constitution of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy which was passed along as oral tradition, and recorded in a series of Wampum belts which are still held today by the Onondaga Nation. These laws define a set of principles guiding the function of a Grand Council, as well as a system for the resolution of disputes among its nations.

The Three Principles of the Great Law bring together inter-related concepts designed to guarantee peace between the member nations of this Confederacy. The first concept is Righteousness; the People, the Chiefs, the entire Nation must treat each other fairly. Each individual must live their life with a strong sense of justice, they must regard one another as equals, with every person being granted the same protection under the Great Law. The second concept is Health; wholeness of mind, body and spirit must be maintained in order to develop a strong physical being, as well as a strong mind and spirit, which will then promote well-being between the nations. The third concept is Power, not the kind of power you might think of at first, for this is a different kind of power according to the Iroquoian world; each person has a spiritual force, and as they move through their lives and experience different things, as well as learn and accumulate more understanding about themselves and their place in this world, the spiritual power grows, eventually forming part of a greater unified field of energy embodied throughout all the nations. The ultimate power of the Great Law resides within each person's ability to develop their own identity, while always living in consideration of the well-being of other individuals, clans, villages, and ultimately the entire Confederacy of the Six Nations. This power, usually interpreted as meaning military strength, is more accurately seen as the power of one mind, one heart, and one body. These are concepts which enabled the Confederacy to remain united against many enemies, who often remarked on the legendary ferocity of the Iroquois warriors in battle.

Anthropologists and historians have written about the idea that the U.S. Constitution itself was based on the Iroquois Great Law of Peace, rather than the model of Greek democracy which is commonly taught and held to be true. Framers of the Constitution such as Franklin and Jefferson, as well as patriarchs such as Thomas Paine, had made a study of the Iroquois social system, which they regarded highly as a prototype for the kind of social order they were trying to invoke for their own burgeoning republic.

"Modern democracy was first established here, and is not the evolutionary result of European political theories. The modern age of democracy had its origin in the vast recesses of this continent, and from here it spread throughout the world. American democracy owes its distinctive character of debate and compromise to the principles and structure of American Indian civil government." - Bruce Barton, Chair of English - Castleton College

If the tenets of thought embodied within the Great Law had a profound effect upon the American cultural and political landscape, the same is demonstrably true of its powerful influence as a progenitor of moral principles inherent to the Communist movement. Lewis Henry Morgan is widely regarded as the father of American anthropology. Having lived with the Iroquois for years, he authored books such as The League of the Iroquois, regarded as the first scientific account detailing life with an Indian tribe; Systems of Consanguinity, a scientific study of brotherhood; and his famous evolutionary thesis, Ancient Society. Morgan quickly gained an international reputation between 1851 and the 1870s, and in this period his work was read by many people abroad such as Frederich Engels and Karl Marx. Karl Marx had immersed himself into the study of anthropology and ethnography, paying particular attention to the work of Henry Morgan and his scholarly treatment of the Iroquois in his book Ancient Society.

"It was only after reading Morgan that anthropology, previously peripheral to Marx's thought, became its vital centre. His entire conception of historical development, and particularly of precapitalist societies, now gained immeasurably in depth and precision. Above all, his introduction to the Iroquois and other tribal societies sharpened his sense of the living presence of indigenous peoples in the world, and their possible role in future revolutions….it added a whole new dimension" - F. Rosemont - Karl Marx & the Iroquois

Just as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson had noted a century earlier, Marx and Engels drew upon the Iroquois model in the support of their theories of social evolution. Marx and Engels paid special attention to the communal role of property within the Iroquois Confederacy, along with their ability to maintain a social consensus in the organization of a society unburdened with the administrative and bureaucratic apparatus of a large state structure.

"Everything runs smoothly without soldiers, gendarmes, or police, without nobles, kings, governors, prefects or judges; without prisons, without trials. All quarrels and disputes are settled by the whole body of those concerned. . . . The household is run communistically by a number of families; the land is tribal property, only the small gardens being temporarily assigned to the households -- still, not a bit of our extensive and complicated machinery of administration is required. . . . There are no poor and needy. The communistic household and the gens know their responsibility toward the aged, the sick and the disabled in war. All are free and equal -- including the women." - Frederich Engels

Central to this Iroquois history is the legend of The Peace Maker named Deganawida, a 19 year old Huron prophet and political statesman who brought the Great Law to all five warring nations of the Iroquois; Mohawk, Onieda, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca, uniting them into a grand confederation. Upon his visit to the Onondaga he was met with opposition, as they would not consent to join the others, so the Peace Maker made a deal that they should be known as the Faith Keepers, and guard the sacred law. The Peace Maker and his legend grew as he brought good fortune along with his message of togetherness. When the first League meeting was to commence, the representatives from the five Iroquois nations brought their weapons. The Peace Maker convinced them to bury their weapons under the Great Tree of Peace, entrusting those who lived there to always stand guard for the sake of the League. As a powerful demonstration of his teaching, he gave each member an arrow, whereupon he broke one in half, showing that if they stand apart they would be easily defeated. He then bundled up all the arrows, and then tried and failed to break them, proving the strength they would have if they could stand together. He then prophesied that in the future there would be people who will come that do not understand the Tree of Peace, and they will hack away at its roots. When the tree begins to fall, they must hold the tree up and keep it from hitting the ground. When they can hold it no longer, they must have their children hold up the Tree, for it must never hit the ground.

The Iroquois prophecies and the Great Law of Peace have many common elements within their various iterations both oral and written. One of these themes talks about a great conflict on this earth, a great firestorm or conflagration that would cause the trees to burn from the top down, and the oceans to boil causing the fish to turn on their bellies, and all the crawling creatures to come out of the cracks of the earth. Those people who had lived true to the spirit - those warriors of the rainbow - would then come together and seek refuge under the Great Law. At that time, a visionary would appear to the world, this visionary would have the power to "split the sky".

The Man

John Boncore was born in Buffalo, New York on January 7, 1952. His Mohawk name, Dacajeweiah, translated into English means "Splitting the Sky". From the age of seven he endured many years in New York foster homes and youth detention centres where he was ill-treated. Eventually he would become the only man convicted as a ringleader of the infamous 1971 Attica State Prison rebellion in upstate New York, in the course of which 43 inmates were killed. This event has inspired several movies -- "Against the Wall" (1994) starring Samuel L. Jackson, and "Attica" (1980) starring Morgan Freeman -- and documentaries including "Attica" (1974), and "The Ghosts of Attica" (2001). He was listed by former UN Ambassador Andrew Young of the Carter administration as the number one political prisoner in the USA in 1975.

Splitting the Sky founded an organization to unite all Indigenous Peoples into a great confederation called the League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations of the Western Hemisphere (LISN). In 1995 he was the Sun Dance Chief at Gustafsen Lake, British Columbia, during the Gustafsen Lake Standoff, which was precipitated by a rancher who attempted to evict the Sun Dancers from what he claimed was his property. The incident turned into a major protest against the occupation of unceded native land. Splitting the Sky was an outspoken critic of the government's handling of the incident and was among those who raised the question of so-called "Aboriginal Title" under international law. Specifically, aboriginal title is enshrined under the Royal Proclamation of 1763, which is validated as an aboriginal right in section (35) of the Canadian Constitution.

On September 10th, 2001, Splitting the Sky and his family were checking out of the Marriott Hotel one block from the World Trade Center in New York. Had he stayed an extra day or two, as was originally planned, he and his family might have suffered the fate of 400 others at that location who lost their lives during the 9/11 tragedy. As if by some intuition, he and his wife decided to cut short their stay and get out of New York City. While many researchers for 9/11 Truth deal with the never ending incongruities and falsehoods of the government's story regarding 9/11, or the various examples of forensic evidence proving controlled demolition, Splitting the Sky has studied the complex web of people and organizations he believes to be the authors of this crime. Through careful deconstruction of the financial entities involved, as well shining the light on those specific figures who occupy the principle seats of power within those structures, he follows the age old maxims of criminology which compel us to "follow the money", as well as determine "who benefits".

The following is his story about the real criminals behind the heinous acts of 9/11.

The Truth

Like any good criminal investigation, the story begins with the obvious questions; who had the means, the opportunity, and the motive? Our inquiry starts at the scene of the crime. The World Trade Center towers at once give us our first important clues as to the identification of some of the principle characters who must figure so prominently in this event. The twin towers were nicknamed "David" and "Nelson" Rockefeller, because they were financed initially by the Rockefeller family. The WTC towers were losing money. Many tenants had already moved out, knowing that these aging buildings were laced with asbestos which required them to be upgraded at a potential cost of billions. Six weeks before they came down, the towers were purchased by Larry Silverstein, who put up $14 million of his own money, along with the Blackstone Group's $111 million, headed by Pete Peterson, in order to secure the purchase of the lease from Lewis Eisenberg, then chairman of the Port Authority of New Jersey. Although most people might naturally think that the Port Authority is owned by the City of New Jersey, they are in actuality a private front organization owned by David Rockefeller. Along with the purchase came a double indemnity insurance policy, which guaranteed a massive payout should the property suffer as a result of a terrorist attack. The twin towers were an asbestos bombshell. Like many buildings constructed in the 1970s, the buildings contained vast quantities of cancer causing asbestos. The cost of removing this material could easily be equal to the value of the structures themselves. In addition, the Port Authority was prohibited from demolishing the towers because the resulting asbestos dust would cover the entire city, which it did anyway when they collapsed, tragically resulting in a multitude of deaths, cancers, and respiratory illnesses which are directly attributable to the WTC dust. Larry Silverstein however, has to date been awarded almost 5 billion dollars from 9 different insurance companies, and appears to be breathing just fine.

Short selling is a technique used by investors who try to profit from the falling price of a stock. Historically, if this action precedes a traumatic event it is an indication of foreknowledge. It is estimated by sources such as the German Intelligence service, that $15 billion dollars worth of put options stock were traded on Wall Street prior to the events of 9/11, with at least 38 corporations benefiting directly as a result of this tragedy. It is widely known that the CIA uses advanced software to routinely monitor stock trades as a possible warning sign which could signal a terrorist attack, or some other suspicious type of economic behaviour. A week after the September 11th, 2001 attacks, the London Times reported that the CIA had asked regulators for the Financial Services Authority of London to investigate the suspicious sale of millions of shares of stocks just prior to the terrorist attacks. It was hoped that the business paper trail might lead to the terrorists. I heard about some guy named Bergen, who worked at the Chicago Federal Reserve Board, and he was investigating the 9/11 short sales, and they had fired him from doing that job. In my investigation, I asked, who owns the Federal Reserve? The list reveals the financial holdings of both the Rothschild and Rockefeller families. When I heard that there were these put option stocks, this gamble that went on for short sales, betting a hundred to one that these various corporations were going to fail - United Airlines and many others - I said, if you want to know who the killer was, it's the people who capitalized to the tune of billions of dollars, off of people's dying, and these corporations going down as a result of the catastrophe. I read this article about the short sales and the companies involved in 2003. So I kept the list for years and started investigating these 38 corporations. Then I find out that the Justice Department, FBI, CIA, NSA and every other agency all refused to investigate the put option stocks that were traded prior to 9/11. The bogus 9/11 Commission itself stated that they had investigated these put options and determined that there was no connection to Al Qaeda, so ultimately the question is of very little significance. I'm wondering, why did this Securities Exchange Commission -- why did they not release the names of the companies? Why were the FBI and all these different agencies being suppressed from investigating? Somebody is trying to hide the fact that someone high up in the echelons of banking and wealth, was in fact behind 9/11. So I started to look into this, I found out the the number 3 man of the CIA - Buzzy Krongard - he was in a position appointed by Bush to investigate these short sales, when in reality he was one of the recipients of the shorts sales. Many of the companies that are listed in the short list of the put options traded before 9/11 - corporations like City Group, City Bank, Goldman Sachs - turn out to be companies owned by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families. The people in the international financial community, along with insurance companies, had a specific interest in getting rid of those twin towers.

"I've named many, many other players in the whole corporate gambit, the whole stinking cabal, and I've laid it out and you can see it on my website, There's hours and hours of interviews relative to all of this investigation."

Why would any financial entity like the Blackstone Group purchase these asbestos laced white elephants, that required costly repairs before they could turn a profit? If I was Larry Silverstein, why would I buy two white elephants, weeks before, when there was a clause in the leasing of those buildings that basically said the only way you would get paid by insurance is if some kind of terrorist act occurred? Somebody is setting up an incident so they can get paid. This is a big, large, insurance scam, a scandal that went down. If I owned those buildings, and I wanted to get rid of this liability, what I would do, is weeks in advance plant explosives in that place, because my common sense, my eyes looking at those buildings coming down, tells me that those buildings were brought down by implosions. I can see the squibs, and I can see all of the bombs going off.

"The firefighters said the same things about explosions going off, until they were given a gag order, they were gagged, and then they lost their heart to speak, because they were afraid they were going to lose their jobs. But I have nothing to lose by telling the truth - the only thing I have to lose is my life - I've lived a very long life, and I'm not afraid of dying for telling what I see is the truth."

If I was David Rockefeller, I would implode those buildings, bring em down, killing so many thousands of Americans that are in those buildings. Most of the people in those buildings who lost their lives were workers. There were not a lot of employers there. The majority of the people were the grass-roots ground people; the Porta Ricans, the Blacks, the indigenous, the low level workers were the first to go into those buildings. So if I was going to sacrifice anybody, I'd sacrifice all the lowly ones, and bring those buildings down, blaming it on some bogey-man that lives in a cave in Afghanistan. I'd throw his name out there, get all of these knuckleheads in America mad, who just react automatically - as intended - as emotional robots, and get them out there ranting and screaming for justice. I'd get them to start beating up on every Muslim that they see. Then I'd get the police state to start arresting and detaining, and start sending people out on flights for extraordinary rendition, and sending them to so-called "torture friendly" countries to start extracting information. Its the rise of the police state under the ruse of protecting the public. What I would do is demand that people give up their civil liberties, and then prepare themselves to get the military forces to launch an invasion into the Mideast. Why? Because I've got my eyes set on the oil, my eyes set on the resources. If I was David Rockefeller, it would give me an excuse to launch an invasion into Afghanistan, to seize control of a pipeline, to run all of that natural gas from the Caspian Sea, all the way down into Pakistan. It would give me the right to set up military bases in Afghanistan, on the border of Russia and China. It would get me into Iraq, and we'd depose the leader who was trying to nationalize the oil, instead of turning it all over to the Western consortium of oil developers. We would seize the oil supply. We would depose another despot. We would seize control of the country. Then from there we would get into another invasion into Iran, and into any country like Venezuela that is resource rich in its oil. And that's what Dick Cheney was all about, in his national energy policy: energy equals security, security equals energy. So basically, this is what my intuition said - everybody was aghast that I had the guts to say this - but this is what my gut feeling said. From that point on, all I've done is connected all the dots of everything that I knew intuitively, what my common sense told me. But you see, my common sense is not the common sense of most people, because I have seen how these people think and act in real time, because I've lived inside the bowels of the beast, inside the intestines of this beast.

"I'm a 6th grade drop-out, I have read thousands of books while I was in Attica State prison, and 16 other prisons in New York State. If I can sit there and thoroughly research this stuff, what about the people in and out of government who are scholars with degrees, what good are they if they can't identify these crooks and killers, these mass-murderers, and hold them accountable?"

I started researching about the Rothschilds, and I found out that there was one person by the name of George Soros who was very intricately involved as a point man for the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Soros was involved in a Macedonian mobile phone company MT Via Stonebridge Communications Company, in which he had stocks. Incidentally, MT is indirectly controlled by the Rothschilds through the Blackstone Group. This automatically ties Mr. Soros in with Pete Peterson of the Blackstone Group. So what we have here, is Mr. Soros who is directly tied in with Mr. Kissinger who represents Mr. Rockefeller and the Rothschilds - who along with Soros has a history of setting up puppets in countries like Serbia and orchestrating campaigns such as Clinton's first and second elections, bankrolling them - so Soros had Clinton go through this whole thing about ethnic cleansing in Albania, in order to justify the killing so that they could carry out these bombing raids and steal the trillions of dollars from the Serbs, while deposing a so-called despot. Soros made his billions creating the hedge funds on Wall Street on short sales, and if you look at every major person in recent history running for the US presidency, including Obama today, every one of them are financed by the same corporations that were on the short list of the SEC, the control list of 38. So we're all being controlled by the same bankers - the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and these are the gangsters with all their hit-men that were behind 9/11. This was an inside job, and these are the same guys that are also bankrolling both the Democrats and the Republicans.

"Not one person has ever said that Osama bin Laden, or any other Arab has been known to trade put option stocks before 9/11 went down, and benefited from the blood letting"

Who benefited from 9/11? Those who profited from this 9/11 put options scam were none other than Pete Peterson of the Blackstone Group, Larry Silverstein, George Soros who is a part owner of Blackstone Group, Jeffrey Greenberg who owned 7% of Blackstone, son of Hank Greenberg of AIG which is one of the 38 companies that benefited directly from put option sales before 9/11, Alan Greenberg, Rudy Guilliani, Jerry Hauer - Office of Emergency Management, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Lord Nathan Rothschild, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Greenberg Tarig, Warren Buffet of AIG. All put together, I'm saying that 9/11 was a CIA/Mosad/SAS operation which I'm calling the real axis of evil. The United States Government, the Israeli government and the British government were all involved in taking down the twin towers. It had nothing to do with some guy called bin Laden, living in a cave in Afghanistan.

"There are over 2,800 people that were murdered on 9/11, those people are screaming out for justice. I've spent the last seven years of my life investigating who is behind 9/11 - in the quest to create the information necessary to call for intervention by apprehending these criminals and bringing them to justice. If we cannot bring them to justice according to the rule of law, then we have only one thing left to do, and that is to defend ourselves with the rule of force." - Splitting the Sky