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Comment on 9/11

Walter Burien

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Subject: 911 Comment for Publication - From: Walter Burien




by Walter Burien - 08/23/08

I was a tenant at WTC1 from 1978 to 1980. The ONLY issue people should focus on as the "key issue" is: When the towers were proposed for construction, many New Yorkers were concerned that if the towers fell, they could take-out twenty or thirty other buildings. So, with that in mind the towers were built around a steel "center" grouping of massive steel support columns that in the unlikely event the towers were going down, the floors would pancake on each other straight down around the steel center core. The towers were built to do that.

Here is the key to it all: As designed and in the event of a collapse, the steel cores of WTC1 and WTC2 would be LEFT STANDING. There is NO WAY in hell the center core would come down unless it was demolished level by level to fall with the collapsing floors. No ifs; and; or buts! End of story! Period!

I am really getting tiered of watching people being played for idiots in propaganda plays to confuse valid; indisputable; facts.

This ONE FACT brought forward here is indisputable. It establishes the towers steel center core was demolished to drop with the collapsing floors. The design would have left the steel core intact in the event of collapse.

If you let someone drag you off to speculation and theories it is very counterproductive to the sniper bullet kill shot! The clowns (on the inside) that pulled this off have been laughing all the way to the bank each and every day since September of 2001 without any consequence.

Let this ONE POINT take em down... Make it the key circulating fact across the globe!

There are many other issues that are valid, but none greater than this one fact and this one fact is incorporated into the original design of the towers there for all to see.

It is time that the crap that pulled this off that have laughed all the way up until 2008 gets their asses drug out of their offices and dealt with accordingly.

Who set up the demolition in advance of WTC 1, 2, and 7?

This is NOT an "if" question, it is "A FACT OF OCCURRENCE" to be answered. Get the people that set the demolition and let the last words out of their mouths be who instructed them to do it.

Walter Burien

Prior tenant WTC1 Suite 2743

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