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Is government aid a giant money-laundering scheme?

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Flw:  Dec. 18, 2013



When America was officially taken over during the Civil War, not many people were paying attention to what was actually occurring right in front of them, "save some of the brave Southern Souls who were willing to die, rather than go along with the Jew Lincoln Rothschild tyranny, which had by that time enveloped all of Washington D.C.

The Civil War was fomented, organized, and financed by Jewish Bankers; "albeit the absence of jews fighting for either side, not entirely surprising". 

The goyim -- in all cleverly orchestrated jew wars -- are almost never aware, either before, or during the great die off, that they are being sacrificed and used to further the goals of organized jewry. Which for the jew, has always been, and will presumably continue to be, especially in America, a great point of added leverage, and certainty, in knowing that the possibility of too many goyim coming to the realization of who and what is behind it all, and the true purpose for them -- never needing to be factored into the planning -- as long as They, "the stupid, brain-dead goyim livestock that is", continue to kill each other off as directed. 

It has also been the jews good fortune that the goyim are seldom observant and inquisitive, "concerning those matters that directly affect the over-all quality of their lives"; but for those rare few who do, and decide to go public with their findings, there are always the jews countless useful minions of cold blooded assassins who will take care of any pesky goyim deciding to act out loud.

All in all, the goyim have made it extremely easy for the jew to macro, and micro manage them, down to every second of the day. Money, entertainment, medical needs, food, education, news, all tightly controlled and released into the blood stream, in the precise amount(s), and frequency necessary, to adequately maintain a nation of zombies.

The jews in the United States, 100% control all the money on every level, thus they do as they please with it, and use it to serve the needs of International Organized Jewry. Very few goyim understand the interplay between Corporate Government, and the Banks, which is why the goyim get the short end of the deal. . . always.