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Where Does the Election Really Stand? What the Media Won’t Tell You

TTN Staff

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November 18, 2020

Contrary to what the media prefers to tell their readers this election is far from over. Results have yet to be certified and electoral voters still need to make their choices before the American people know exactly who will be sworn in on Inauguration Day. The Trump campaign, as well as the RNC, have initiated lawsuits across multiple states regarding voter fraud and voter observation allegations. Until the lawsuits have settled and states have completed their recounts, this election remains a mystery.

Keep reading to find out what’s REALLY going on in this election:






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On November 6, the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger officially announced that the state will conduct a manual hand recount of all legal ballots. On Friday, Nov. 13 the Peach State began their hand recount for the 2020 presidential election. The recount must be finished by 11:59 p.m. Nov 18 and the deadline to certify the results is Nov. 20.

Reports have now revealed that because of the statewide audit 2,600 uncounted ballots were discovered in Floyd County after officials failed to upload votes from a memory card to the ballot counting machine. An additional 2,755 ballots have been uncovered in Fayette County along with 284 ballots found in Walton County due to the election audit. 

The recount is ongoing. 

The manual recount of Georgia’s presidential race found 2,755 more votes in Fayette County on Tuesday, narrowing Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump to under 13,000.






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On Nov. 4 the Trump campaign requested a recount in the state. Shortly after, Trump’s deputy campaign manager Justin Clark announced his team plans to initiate the recount in Wisconsin. On Nov. 6 Robin Vos, the Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker demanded the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections “immediately review how the election was administered” regarding concerns of voter fraud.

On Nov. 13, three voters filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin requesting the election results in three counties alleging “sufficient evidence that illegal votes were counted.” On Monday, the plaintiffs voluntarily requested to dismiss the lawsuit, and the judge dissolved the case.

Today, the Trump campaign revealed plans to file a petition for a partial recount in Wisconsin. The campaign alleges voter fraud occurred in Milwaukee and Dane counties when election officials illegally altered incomplete absentee ballots.






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Prior to Election Day, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit seeking expanded access to poll watchers, a judge rejected the suit prompting the Trump campaign to appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court. On Nov. 10 the Trump campaign moved to dismiss the lawsuit after reaching a settlement with state officials allowing more observers.

On Nov. 5, a third party filed a lawsuit in Nevada seeking to change the signature verification procedures in the ballot counting process. The next day a judge denied a request for an injunction to block the use of the signature verification machine, the case is still ongoing.

The Nevada Republican Party’s lawyers have sent Attorney General William Barr a criminal referral which alleges over 3,062 cases of voter fraud. Multiple whistleblowers have come forward providing affidavits that detail their concerns of voting irregularities they allegedly witnessed.






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On Nov. 4, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit that would stop vote counting until republican observers were given adequate access. The next day an appellate court ruled in favor of the Trump campaign. Tuesday, Nov. 17, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court votes 5-2 reversing the appellate court’s ruling.

On Nov. 5, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit against the Montgomery County Board of Elections to stop counting ballots that don’t follow all election requirements. Trump’s campaigned alleged that election officials were counting ballots when the outer envelope was not completed with all required information, the campaign found over 600 ballots. Over a week later the campaign’s petition was denied by the court and the Montgomery County Board of Elections was ordered to count the ballots.

On Nov. 9, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking an injunction that will block Pennsylvania from certifying election results. The suit alleges that election officials have “mismanaged the election process.” On Nov. 12, the Democratic Nation Committee (DNC) asked a federal judge to dismiss the Trump campaign’s lawsuit. Yesterday oral arguments were heard in Court.


Three days after the election, the Trump campaign and the RNC asked an Arizona judge to join a joint lawsuit alleging that voting tabulation in Phoenix was tampered with after some voter’s ballots were unable to be counted because of county-issued sharpie pens which damaged their ballots. On Nov. 7 the attorneys who challenged the use of the sharpies informed judges they are dismissing their case.

That same day the Trump campaign and the RNC filed lawsuits regarding rejected ballots in Maricopa County(Phoenix). The suit alleged that in-person votes were disregarded because of inaccurate guidance from poll workers. Nearly a week later the Trump campaign dropped the suit.


On Nov. 13 the Republican National party of Arizona filed a lawsuit against multiple county officials seeking a hand recount of ballots by precinct instead of by voting centers. The case is currently pending.







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On Nov. 4, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit to stop vote counting until Republican observers were given adequate access. A judge denied the request the following day. The Trump campaign then filed a motion asking for the state’s court of appeal to review the case.

On Nov. 9, The Great Lakes Justice Center filed a lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court which alleged voter fraud in the ballot-counting process. The suit alleges that election officials allowed fraudulent processing of votes such as backdating ballots and nor verifying ballot signatures. Multiple witnesses have filed affidavits to the alleged voter fraud. Two poll watchers were seeking a temporary hold on ballot counting, gold on certification of election results, and order an audit. On Nov. 11, the judge heard oral arguments over the plaintiff’s motion ultimately deciding to deny it. The plaintiffs then attempt to appeal the judge’s decision in the Michigan State Court of Appeals, who also reject the appeal. Now, the plaintiffs are attempting to appeal the Michigan State Court of Appeal’s decision to the Michigan Supreme Court.