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REPORT: Chris Wallace was Furious With the Trump Family

TTN Staff

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November 2, 2020

Chris Wallace was reportedly furious with the Trump family and their mask-wearing practices during the first debate.

According to The Daily Wire:

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace said earlier this week that he was “pissed off” to learn that President Donald Trump’s family neglected to wear masks during the first presidential debate last month.

Speaking with Washington Post reporter Geoff Edgers in an Instagram Live interview published Sunday, Wallace said, “After I had the luxury to think about it, I was pissed off. That’s a technical phrase. I mean, did they think that the rules that applied to everybody else didn’t apply to them?”

“I was upset when it turned out I’d been on the stage in a uniquely vulnerable position, and we found out 48 hours after the fact that the president had tested positive for the coronavirus,” Wallace added.

The Trumps and their guests were photographed in the audience of the first presidential debate without masks, which Wallace later complained about.

Chris Wallace also said he was jealous of debate moderator Kristen Welker who received positive reviews for her performance.