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Retired U.S. Rear Admiral Asks Fellow Retired Flag and General Officers To Endorse Trump

Paul Crespo

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October 16, 2020

In what used to be rare, senior retired U.S. military officers are now routinely endorsing candidates for president. In light of that, and the existential threats America is currently facing, Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey, has created a website Flag Officers for Trump, to ask even more senior retired officers to endorse President Trump.

Earlier, 235 retired senior officers openly endorsed the President, and a slightly smaller number endorsed Joe Biden.

Carey and the other numerous signers of the letter strongly believe President Trump is best suited to support the military and defend the U.S. against all threats, foreign and domestic.


During his naval career, per his personal website and Wikipedia page, Carey served aboard U. S. S. TOPEKA in the South China Sea as well as in Vietnam. President Ronald Reagan nominated Carey as a Commissioner of the U. S. Federal Maritime Commission in 1981, and President George H. W. Bush elevated him to Chairman of the Commission in 1989, where he served until 1991.

Admiral Carey is also the National Chairman and CEO of The Flag & General Officer’s Network of 3700+ Admirals and Generals.

In an email the retired admiral says:

As some of you know, I’ve been working with the Trump Campaign folks and some of my former military Flag & General Officer friends to build national defense support for the Re-election of President Trump as being in the best interests of our country AND the national defense of my kids and grandkids and great grandkids!!

Admiral Carey continues:

It’s an on-going effort and the list of supporters is growing daily. There’s now a website in place with information on this effort AND a copy of the list of signators which gets updated regularly as new signors [sic] are added daily.  The URL for the website follows—- feel free to punch it up and see what we’re doing; also to share it with your friends who are also supporting the President’s re-election:

The letter, titled ‘Open Letter from Senior Military Leaders,’ states, among other things:

With the Democratic Party welcoming to socialists and Marxists, our historic way of life is at stake.  During the Obama/Biden administration, America’s armed forces were subjected to a series of ill-considered and debilitating budget cuts. The Democrats have once again pledged to cut defense spending, undermining our military strength.

The Democrats’ opposition to border security, their pledge to return to the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, their antagonism towards the police and planned cuts to military spending will leave the United States more vulnerable to foreign enemies.

President Trump’s resolute stands have deterred our enemies from aggression against us and our allies. The proposed defense cuts by the Democrats will, in our professional judgment, create a potentially perilous situation for the United States during a time of great external and internal threats to our Nation.

These flag and general officers clearly believe that the decided leftist tilt of the Democrat Party toward socialism, disarmament, appeasement of foreign enemies, and support for anarchist and anti-police movements domestically, makes Joe Biden and his party a dangerous choice for America in 2020.