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The 2020 Tide May Have Just Turned New Post-Debate Poll Shows Trump Just Pulled Into The Lead

Adam Casalino

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What’s Happening:

With only a month left before Election Day, the polls are trying to give Biden a boost as much as possible.

The problem is, they keep getting called out for oversampling Democrats by a large margin (among other problems).

We tracked down just one poll that appeared to ask a roughly equal number of Dems and Reps.

And the numbers should have Biden worried:

The poll found that 46 percent of likely voters nationwide support Trump while 45 percent support Biden…

In Florida, Trump leads Biden by four points, 48 percent to 44 percent…

The poll currently projects Trump is on track to win 320 Electoral College votes, compared to Biden’s 218.

The poll revealed that not only does Trump have an edge in the national poll, but several key swing states have him up by several points each.

And the poll predicted Trump will win by 320 Electoral votes—which is 50 more than he needs to secure re-election.

Now, why is this poll so different from the rest of the polls released by the MSM?

It seems that this one is closer to what we have been seeing all over the country with the size of crowds and level of enthusiasm.

Much like in 2016, as the media predicts a Democrat win—Americans are saying something different.

Just consider, this is the same media that has produced overwhelmingly negative coverage of the president.

The same media that is nearly 93% registered Democrats. The same media that appears to care more about telling us what to believe, than listening to us.

Should we be surprised that they are predicting Joe Biden—a man who hasn’t held a rally in months—will win?

Democrats in the media have disregarded what Americans have been saying for a long time.

But at least one poll is trying to find a balanced approached and—what do ya know—it reveals Trump will win.

Considering how many Americans refuse to answer polls—how much larger do you think Trump’s victory will be?