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Federal Government Attempting Election Process Takeover

The federal government, led by the Democrats are actively trying to gain control of the electoral process in this country. Former Federal Election Commission Official  Hans von Spakovsky.


According to The Daily Signal:

Our Founders designed this structure because they understood that giving the federal government authority to run elections would also give that government—including the incumbents controlling Congress and the incumbent in the White House—the ability to manipulate election rules to ensure their desired election outcomes.


Since Democrats took over the House in 2018, they have been pushing bills to increase federal control of our elections. They started with H.R. 1, which was dead on arrival the minute it hit the Senate. Now, amid the coronavirus crisis, they seem to think the time is ripe to take another stab at it.


According to Klobuchar’s March 18 press release (the text of the bill was still not available at as this was being written), the “disaster” bill would require every state to offer at least 20 days of early voting and “no-excuse” absentee balloting. Talk about gilding the lily!




But the problem with the bill goes beyond the fact that there is no need to impose a federal mandate on top of already existing state requirements. The larger problem is that it would require changes in how absentee ballots are handled and processed—and the prescribed changes would increase the risk of election fraud.

As the expert points out the increase in absentee ballots will increase the likelihood of fraud because the fraud of absentee ballots is one of the most common and easiest to do.