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Trump Dumps Millions Into Blue Swing State – He Must Be Confident If He’s Going After Omar’s Backyard Minnesota

Adam Casalino

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|March 7, 2020


With Super Tuesday in the rearview mirror, the 2020 election is shaping up.

Numerous liberal candidates bit the dust. Now, it seems like either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders will grab the nomination.

No matter what happens, Trump is laying out his re-election strategy. The brilliant mind that upset the D.C. establishment in 2016 is at it again.

How Trump is spending his money will tell us a lot about how he sees this race. In a word, he’s pretty confident.

Because he’s looking to expand the map.

From Washington Examiner:

The campaign is pouring money into a state that has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Richard Nixon’s 1972 landslide. It sees Minnesota as a potential hedge against losing states Trump picked up in 2016, such as Pennsylvania or Wisconsin.

Now, look at that! Trump’s campaign is eyeing a Minnesota win. The land of Ilhan Omar just might be America’s next Trump-carrying state.

Trump came close to securing Minnesota in 2016, losing by 1.5 percentage points.

Remember, Trump won big by flipping longtime blue states red. Nobody thought he could snap up Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin.

But he did. Trump was able to connect with blue-collar, hard-working Americans. People that believed D.C. left them to die.

He nearly carried Minnesota, losing by a hair’s breadth.

Now, after three years of successes, Trump is in a much better position.

But don’t plan on hearing that from the media.

States that took a chance on him in 2016 will be eager to re-elect him. But once blue states, which have enjoyed a revitalization, will probably cast their ballots for Trump.

Why not? The left will either pick Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. Biden is an establishment swamp dweller who might be losing his mind.

And Sanders is a socialist who wants to tax us back into the Dark Ages.

Meanwhile, the last prominent Democrat to come out of Minnesota is hardly a star. They just might be rethinking Omar, come November.

Why would Americans—in any state—elect a Democrat promising to end America’s comeback?