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How Does Bernie Take the Oath of Office?

Charles Miller

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Once again we enter the no brainer zone that no one wants to talk about.

Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist/communist. He is every position is at complete odds with any principal or function of the American dream and our governments fundamentals.

So the question inquiring minds have exposes the whole scam.

If Bernie was elected president he is required to take the oath of office to serve and protect what he is attacking.

So, with all of his prior statements about how terrible our current government is, and all of his prior statements demanding a government that functions out side the form of government that protected his free speech and the right to be a socialist/communist, the stage is set for the ultimate questions.

From which position is Bernie lying?

How does Bernie take an oath to support and defend something Bernie promises to destroy?

The real issue exposed here is why is no one asking this question!

What is currently being exposed concerning corruption deeply embedded in our government offices may be summed up in two words. DIVIDED LOYALTY!

What is Bernie actually loyal to?

How could any American trust Bernie with our precious vote when it is impossible to tell where Bernies actual loyalties lay?

The only position that could be considered valid in discussions concerning Bernie is that the fundamental principles founding our country, the ones that recognize his right to speak, are confused in Bernies mind.

The conclusion is that confusion rules the day because real Americans allow the confusions to control by not identifying the root issues.

Real Americans stand up, those posing as Americans bend over and assume the confused points of view.

Charles Miller -