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President Trump speaks at his first State of the Union address on Jan. 30, 2018 (Photo: screenshot)

President Trump speaks at his first State of the Union address on Jan. 30, 2018 (Photo: screenshot)


President Trump’s efforts to reduce regulation and taxes, and put America first has helped boost an economy that is creating jobs, cutting unemployment and generating revenue.

What talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh calls the “Drive-By Media” haven’t talked much about his successes.

So why, in just the past few days, he asks, have media members been wondering why Trump hasn’t taken more advantage on the campaign trail of his economic successes?

“With a president presiding over an economy as good as this one, you would expect there to be almost a morning in America message, stay the course, the economy’s booming, let’s keep with this,” said ABC’s Jonathan Karl.

“Is it wise to be focusing on this when you’ve got an economy going gangbusters?” asked George Stephanopoulos of ABC.

“Why aren’t Republicans driving home the message on the economy?” asked Fox News’ Chris Wallace.


“The economy is doing fairly well, why wouldn’t Republicans be running it?” asked Juan Williams of Fox News.

“Why he doesn’t talk about the economy?” asked NBC’s Chuck Todd.

“They wanted to talk about jobs and the economy. And every Republican candidate I talked to,” said MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt.

“The economy is booming. Unemployment is at a 49-year low. Annual wage growth topped 3 percent for the first time since 2009. But – and you knew there was a but – the president’s closing message is not on that,” said CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“If we focus on the James Carville maxim, ‘It’s the economy, stupid,’ the economy is strong. Why should people want to change course?” asked John Dickerson of CBS.

Limbaugh explains: “I cannot tell you, I cannot overemphasize how incredible this is. They have been avoiding talk like this for a year! They have been making it a point to not talk about the economy this way. In fact, they’ve done their best to downplay the economy roaring along. And these people – by the way, this was media-wide. This was ABC, Fox News, NBC, CNN and CBS. There was a coordinated effort all throughout the Sunday shows to start touting the economy while asking why Trump isn’t.”

But he explained the president actually has been talking about the better economy at virtually all of the rallies he attends.

Limbaugh said Trump “explains why, not just that his administration deserves credit; he gives the policy reasons for unemployment falling, wages increasing, new jobs coming back, business expanding.”

The media haven’t been listening, he said.

“And yet here they are all over the Sunday shows … complaining Trump isn’t talking about it. In the process, they are. Can you imagine if you’re a steady viewer of the Drive-By Media and for a year you haven’t heard one virtue from them about the U.S. economy. If anything, you’ve heard it sort of ignored or maybe talked down,” he said.

“And then all of a sudden the Sunday before the election the Drive-By Media is singing the praises of the economy like nobody has been. How about Jake Tapper here? Unemployment 49-year low, annual wage growth topped 3 percent the first time since 2009. The president isn’t talking about it! (But he is.) What’s the real point here?”

Limbaugh said the explanation is that the Democrats want Trump to stop talking about immigration.

“They’re desperate to get Trump to stop talking about it. They want Trump to start talking about the economy. They actually think they can bait him. This is what’s amazing. They literally think. … This is what they think they are. They think they have the kind of power, they say they want you to start talking about X, that you will think, ‘Ooh. Wow. The media thinks I should be talking about this. Maybe I better.’

“The media want him to drop all talk of immigration because it’s death for the Democrats. Do you know what issue moves? … This is according to polling data and election data. Do you know what issue moves suburban women from Democrat to Republican? It’s immigration. The economy’s roaring. People know it. Trump can claim credit for it. The Democrats can’t. There’s not a single Democrat that voted for Trump’s tax cut.”

He continued: “There’s nothing the Democrats can get their fingerprints on and say we helped. That’s what’s comical about [Barack] Obama trying to. They’re desperate. The caravan’s falling apart. And one of the reasons that’s happening is because many in the caravan simply don’t think that. … It doesn’t look like it. … It doesn’t look like things were gonna look when they started this thing, like they were gonna be welcomed.”