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Marine Le Pen: Citizens Worldwide Are ‘Waking Up’ To The Illuminati

Sean Adl-Tabatabai

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French presidential favorite Marine Le Pen claims the elites are “panicking” due to the fact that citizens around the world are finally “waking up” to their evil ways.


The Front National leader issued a scathing attack against her two presidential opponents, as well as other leaders across the globe, at a rally on Sunday.

According to Le Pen, millions of citizens around the globe have finally “had enough! reports:

Mrs Le Pen first attacked 39-year-old Mr Macron, a former economy minister under François Hollande, who she said was the media’s “favourite” candidate and Mr Hollande’s “avatar”

Mrs Le Pen then hit out at Mr Fillon, saying that he was a “promise-making machine” and that he had “done nothing” for the French during his five years as Nicolas Sarkozy’s prime minister.

She said: “The system is panicking because it can see that the people are waking up.”


Mrs Le Pen also lambasted the French media, saying that political journalists and commentators were “caricaturising” her and attacking her with “poisoned arrows”.

The anti-Brussels and anti-immigrant candidate also told the rally in the southwestern city of Bordeaux that the euro currency – which she wants France to drop – “a knife” in the ribs of the French people and that the upcoming election could trigger a “change in civilisation”.

She said: “We are at the mercy of a currency adapted to Germany and not to our economy. The euro is mostly a knife stuck in our ribs to make us go where others want us to go.”

Mrs Le Pen also slammed the European Union’s open borders policy and said that she did not want France to be “open to all commercial and human flows, without protection and borders”.

Opinion polls predict that Mrs Le Pen will garner around 25 per cent of the vote in the first round of the presidential election on April 23, only to lose the May 7 run-off to Mr Macron.

Watch the full Marine Le Pen speech below