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Maine Caucus Strange Results Point To Fraud

World Under Control

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Feb. 12, 2012

It may have been an unoffical and non-binding Caucus which was more like a straw poll, however the results from the Maine Caucus has raised some serious questions.

Early reports from showed that Ron Paul had won by quite some margin and even broke it down into counties.

However the official result was a win for Mitt Romney by only a few hundred votes despite the fact that we don’t have 100% of precincts reporting their results. told World Under Control;

“We only post verified results. We will continue to update as we get verified results from our own trusted sources.”

“We are not using the GOP’s “official” numbers, like Google is.”

watch the vote 2012 have also confirmed they would raise a query over any discrepancy between their figures and the GOP’s.

we must demand answers to the following;

  • How can they announce a winner when 100% of the votes haven’t been counted especially when it’s a close result
  • Where is the official results for each county
  • Why is the rest of Maine’s caucus results (17%) not going to be counted when it takes place