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Rahm Emanuel heckled by angry Chicago voters during his listening tour

Marc Schenker

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ting moment. Yet another mortifying aspect to Emanuel’s first listening tour of Chi-town was his careful obsession with trying to control all the stops on the tour—all were pre-selected by him—which did him no good since angry Chicago voters found him anyway…and told him to his face how much they blamed him for the Obama Administration’s failure to create jobs for residents of Chicago’s South Side.

Much to Emanuel’s chagrin and surprise, angry Chicago voters kept coming up to him as he was peacefully trying to sip his coffee and gorge himself on scrambled eggs on 79th Street’s Izola Restaurant. 49-year-old Chicago resident Paul Johnson summed up many Chicagoan’s feelings of disapproval for Emanuel and the Obama Administration when he declared to Emanuel, "You are going to be asked some hardball questions and get your bat out. Welcome to Chicago." Yeah! That’s telling him, Paul!

One can certainly understand why average Americans like Paul Johnson are having none of Emanuel’s glad-handing and hypocritical BS about caring for the voters, which is just a cynical attempt on his part anyway to simply trick more uninformed voters into voting for him, the latest Obama Administration reject. After all, the Chicago area is suffering higher unemployment than the whole US, which is saying something pretty bad, considering that the national unemployment average is almost at an inglorious 10%. Not to mention that Chicagoans’ health insurance is skyrocketing as it is in so much of the country, thanks to the uncertainty of Obamacare. When you think about it, it really is a high act of shameless audacity that "Dead Fish" Emanuel himself is actually smiling his insincere smile to Chicago voters when the administration that he was a part of has caused so much pain to the area—as it has to much of the country.

Of course, being the Democrat and Obama Administration apologist he is, "Dead Fish" Emanuel actually stood up from his neither deserved nor earned meal with coffee…and began to actually lie to the angry Chicago voters even more by trying to explain to them how the Obama Administration apparently helped to create jobs!! What?? What planet is "Dead Fish" Emanuel living on…Neptune or Uranus?! Probably Uranus, but that’s another story. You’ve heard politicians lie before, but when it’s a matter of empirical evidence that his Obama Administration has failed to create jobs and failed to shrink the unemployment rate, and he gets up to tell voters the opposite, then he’s lying through his teeth at them. I suppose that Chicago voters have been subjected to such shameless, political corruption for the longest time (read: Master of Corruption Mayor Richard Daley) that they don’t even bat their eye when someone like "Dead Fish" tries to scam them…but it’s still shocking to hear.

I wonder what old "Dead Fish" was thinking of pointing at when he tried to lie through his teeth to those already angry Chicago voters at Izola’s Restaurant? Was he thinking of citing the over-ten-percent unemployment rate in Chicago as "proof" that Obama had "created" jobs for Chicagoans…even though that would stupidly show just the opposite? Or was old "Dead Fish" thinking of pointing at the loss of 4200 jobs in the state just this past August…which would again show Democrat failure instead of the fantasy "job-creation" propaganda he refuses to let die?!

"Dead Fish" Emanuel really has his work cut out for him if he wants to get elected mayor of Chicago because while angry Chicago voters were mouthing off to him, supporters of other liberal politicians…were actually heckling him shortly thereafter! Latino supporters of Luis Gutierrez and Chicago Public School Board President Gery Chico were angry at him for Obama’s failure to succeed at getting amnesty for all illegals! It seems that "Dead Fish" is widely hated in Chicago, but who the heck can blame them when the track record of his former boss, Barack "The One" Obama, is so brutally awful?

Oct. 6, 2010