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Madame Speaker Pelosi?

Sen. Ric Santorium

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June 27 2014

Nancy Pelosi is ready to take back the Speaker's Gavel.

She's been biding her time since losing her power in a wave of Tea Party victories in 2010. And she's ready to strike back in 2014.

Nancy Pelosi is just itching to push radical legislation from Harry Reid's Senate through the House so that she can hand deliver it to President Obama's desk.

We have an opportunity to ensure this does not become a reality.

That's why I'm emailing you today. I want to introduce you to a great candidate from the Red state of West Virginia, Alex X. Mooney. He's just the conservative congressman America needs to keep the Speaker's Gavel out of Nancy Pelosi's graspStanding up for pro-life policies and blue-collar families is more than a policy view for Alex Mooney.

The son of a Vietnam veteran and a Cuban refugee from Fidel Castro's communist regime, Alex knows what it means to fight for what's right. And he will fight for you.

Alex needs our help today. Will you stand with me in supporting a principled, constitutional conservative? Will you help me fight for Alex by sending $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can?

As a congressman, Alex Mooney will:

•    Stand up for pro-life policies and continue to vote to protect the rights of the unborn;


    •    Protect traditional family values from which our nation was founded;


    •    Be a vocal opponent Obama's War on Coal and introduce legislation that will remove job-killing EPA regulations; AND


    •    Vote to repeal and defund the liberty-annihilating, economy-crushing disaster known as Obamacare

State Senator Alex Mooney has a proven record of leading the charge to end taxpayer funding of abortion, protecting traditional family values, and fighting for working families. I know he will be the most vocal crusader in Congress for not only West Virginian families and the conservative values they share, but also the rest of the Nation.

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Alex needs our immediate support to ensure he wins his election.

Can Alex count on your support online today? $25 -- even $10 can go a long way to making sure Nancy Pelosi never captures control of the Speakers gavel again.

Here's the good news:

Obama lost this district by over 22 points in 2012. West Virginia is one of the most value-driven states in our nation. Voters there support family principles, the second amendment, and religious values.

But Alex faces a well-funded, former Democrat State Party Chair with the backing of Washington Democrats. His trail-lawyer opponent is out-of-touch and just doesn't understand the obstacles facing middle-class Americans.


His opponent even sunk $300,000 of his own money into the race!

That's why I not only decided to endorse Alex, but I am asking you to help Alex today.

Click here to send $25, $50, $100 or more online.

We cannot let Nancy Pelosi weasel her way back to the Speaker's Podium. If Democrats control the White House, the Senate, AND the House of Representatives in 2014, America will be taken down an irreversible path of destruction.

The first step to rerouting the Obama pathway of destruction is to not only make sure Republicans hold the House, but also to make sure principled, family-valued congressmen, like Alex Mooney, are there for fight for us.

Thanks for your support.


Senator Rick Santorum

P.S. Nancy Pelosi will do just about anything to take back the Speaker's Gavel --trust me I know. That's why I am working so hard to elect Alex Mooney this year.

P.S.S. Can I count on you to send $25, $50, $100 or more to make sure West Virginia stays Red?