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OBAMA might CANCEL 2012 Elections! Dr. Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones pt 1

Alex Jones

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Oct. 27, 2012

OBAMA might CANCEL 2012 Elections! Dr. Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones pt 1


Hurricane Sandy forces Obama, Romney to cancel, postpone campaign events days before election

Will their messages be drowned out by the storm? As candidates scramble to cover ground in swing states, Sandy threatens the East Coast.


This election's "October surprise" might be named Sandy.


The massive hurricane bearing down on the East Coast left both presidential campaigns scrambling to postpone events and worrying that their messages may be drowned out by coverage of the storm.


Hurricane Sandy is due to come ashore either late Sunday or early Monday and could leave catastrophic damage — including power failures — in its wake.


Several swing states — like Virginia, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania — might be pounded by the storm, meaning millions of dollars of campaign ads could go unseen.


Mitt Romney canceled a Sunday swing through Virginia, instead opting to join Paul Ryan's bus tour of Ohio.




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Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama scuttled Virginia and New Hampshire events.


If the storm dominates the news for several days, it may be difficult for either candidate to break through with a new rallying cry in the campaign's final week.


The White House quickly stressed the President's priority was the storm and the administration would be prepared to respond to a potential disaster. Moreover, the storm could provide an opportunity for Obama, with the trappings of the presidency behind him, to showcase leadership during a crisis.


"This is an example, yet again, of the President having to put his responsibilities as commander-in-chief and as leader of the country first," said deputy press secretary Josh Earnest.


When Hurricane Isaac hit the Gulf Coast in August, Romney flew to the region and toured the damage before the President — which drew accusations from Democrats that the GOP candidate was trying to politicize a natural disaster.