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US Citizens Going to Jail for Insurrection


By Anna Von Reitz

April 27th 2019

Tonight, I get word that Municipal Prosecutors are arresting "patriots" and throwing them in jail under: 18 U.S. Code § 2383.Rebellion or insurrection and 18 U.S. Code § 2385.Advocating overthrow of Government.

Well, note the key words: "US Citizens".

If you claim to be a "US Citizen" you owe your service and obedience to the US Government. You have "voluntarily" subjected yourself to that foreign corporate government, so then, what business do you have to complain about it or take up arms against it?

This is precisely what I warned everyone about recently and the reason I "took exception" to any implied suggestion of affiliation with any of these groups that are purportedly assembling States of the Union, but including "US Citizens" as members.

This is also why I have warned all the Jural Assemblies not to associate with or allow anyone preaching violence to join them. Remember that we have the right to peaceably assemble --- note the word: "peaceably".

Any US Citizen involved in assembling an American State, or rather, pretending to do so, because they can't actually do that----- is out of their lane. They are trespassing against our sovereign States.

If we were to go onto their turf and try to organize a Territorial State of State, we would be transgressing against them in the same way. Ditto if we go into one of their courts and start flailing away.

It's that old straddling the electric fence thing, and the end results of this are as predictable as rain falling.

So, until the Patriots finally pay attention and learn the history and learn the law and figure out how the government is actually structured and what their options are, there will continue to be these kinds of arrests. And all I can do is stand here and shake my head.

This is not, and cannot be, about tearing down what is on their side of the fence. It is, and it has to be, about restoring what is supposed to be on our side of the fence.