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Opening the door to attachment of personal assets of any systemite, after Vaccination Slavery letter is personally served


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Opening the door to attachment of personal assets of any systemite,
after Vaccination Slavery letter is personally served

See: Prerequisite Vaccination Slavery - An open letter for use by any Mother

by Charlie Miller

February 20th 2019

The reason this is true is very, very simple.

When the systemites personally fail or refuse to produce the authorities or powers assigned to government by the good People’s Constitutions, their actions are individual.

What this means in simple, common sense application, is that each individual government actor operated OUTSIDE THE LAW!!!

"NO ONE -- SYSTEMITE OR CITIZEN -- HAS ANY DEFENSE FOR CLAIMING ACTS KNOWN TO BE TAKEN OUTSIDE THE LAW." To do so is to admit and confess -- by self directed action or statement -- an intent to harm, injure, damage another while attempting to execute an OWNERSHIP position over another Americans body, mind or soul. "The exercise in forced vaccination or health care fiat mandates, is an exercise in SLAVERY."

"No protection of the law being provided as required by the good People’s Constitutions, then becomes a high crime, a Constitutional TORT, a felony."

Any systemite, particularly a judge or attorney, attempting to cover up behavior that results in SLAVERY, is proof of conspiracy to circumvent the law of the good People set out in our Constitutions, to which every judge or attorney swore personal fidelity, in order to assume public office.

Filing the standard TORT CLAIM form, either state or federal, is then in the system. The systems procedures take over and begin to grind very slowly, yet very fine.

CAUSE OF TORT:  I, your name, have been and will continue to be denied access to and protection of the law requiring that the original source of authority to regulate and limit me in the manner I care for my body, my mind, my soul, and the body, mind and soul of my children. This denial of protection of the law results in me and my children being treated as SLAVES, subjects or objects of governmental actions, which We the good People as creators of government never authorized in our Constitutions.

EVIDENCE (proof) OF TORT: The legislative powers identified in our Constitutions do not grant authority or power for any government structure to regulate any one of the People WITHOUT CONSENT. Consent can not be manufactured by legislative, judicial or executive fiat when the basic authority or power of one American to regulate another is not in evidence anywhere. Thus if we as individual Americans do not hold authority or power to control our neighbors, WE COULD NEVER GIVE SUCH POWER TO THE GOVERNMENTS WE THE PEOPLE CREATED BY CONSTITUTION.

ABC statute, xyz regulation, attached and highlighted, as placed on and in public record state in black and white writing I will be penalized, trespassed upon, denied the basic knowledge of the powers and authorities applied against me. This application so blatantly exposed by public record is presented in a conspiracy to circumvent the 'Bill of Rights' and the 'State Constitutions Declaration of Rights'. See attached as highlighted public documents presented for recognition and execution of the contract terms. The circumvention is now exposed by the use or threat of coercion through law or the legal process.

"The basic foundation for the TORT is the Breach of of Contract the constitution pledged to be upheld by the Tortfeasors identified herein and herewith."

DAMAGES: Ledger sheet is attached as INVOICE, the attempt to Collect a Debt.

The debt is the specific performance of every government officer and employee to serve and protect the People through action in strict compliance with the laws of the good People’s Constitutions as the fundamental first obligation owed by any government actor.

(Note: Ledger document will be provided at a later time if there is a request to do so, and real Americans, particularly Mothers, actually go into action to hold public officials to account for their actions.)

The TORT CLAIM is filed in three places.

1. The agency or entity of government delegated the duties to address TORTS. 

2. The Attorney Generals Office, both state and federal under a cover letter providing proof of service containing one question supporting proper procedural flow resulting in payment, settlement or denial of the TORT CLAIM. "Question: Under what law or theory of law, custom, policy or practice does the government extend its limited powers to the control and regulation covering what I do with my body or my children’s bodies."

3. The agency or entity keeping employment records for the identified individual Tortfeasors. The cover letter is to demand the TORT CLAIM be attached directly to the individual employment records. The reason for this, also stated in the cover letter, is so the honest government officers and employees may limit and control the damages done, or about to be done, by the identified Tortfeasors.

"The classic TORT of negligence per se elements fits the vaccination issue."

  •     the defendant violated the constitution or statute,
  •     the statute provides for a criminal penalty (i.e., fines or imprisonment) but not for civil penalties,
  •     the act caused the kind of harm the constitution or statute was designed to prevent, and
  •     the plaintiff was or is a member of the constitutions or statute's protected class.

The principles, facts, laws, procedures identified herein apply to abortion laws, gun laws, drug laws, traffic tickets, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, FALSE IMPRISONMENT FOR POLITICAL PURPOSE and every other regulatory act or omission in operation by government actors.


The simple fact is the American People as a whole are law abiding for the most part. Our guiding fundamental is to treat others the way we choose to be treated. This fundamental in daily operation creates a healthy vibrant society which expands safety and security of all individuals, through application of the principles, that American liberty touches. This fundamental is what has drawn so many from other cultures to seek their own liberty by coming to our country to experience the American dream.