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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller

November 5th 2018

One simple question exposes the core of corruption we as Americans face in our day-to-day lives. This single question also exposes the solutions to a large majority of government over-reach permeating every aspect of our lives.

Don’t believe these are true statements? Read the question then answer to your self. "Then and only then will We Americans be facing the reality of what our country has become."

Can you, or any one you know, from any position in life in America, from street-sweeper to Supreme Court Justice to President, identify the portion of the Peoples Constitutions authorizing the application of legalized force, statutes, to be applied to the People?

The answer is, THERE IS NONE!!!

Any one who knows how to read the English language can prove the truth and accuracy of the statement THERE IS NONE, by simply reading the legislative sections of the state and national Constitutions.

Now, ask your self:

    Why are my wages taxed?

    Why am I forced to have health care provided by private corporations?

    Why is the money I am paid with owned by a corporation operating as private Bank, distributing its private property as United States money?

    Why do public servants receive special benefits and protections denied to the rest of 'We the People'?

    Why am I denied full protections of the Bill of Rights as written?

    Why do government actors, from top to bottom, believe they are in control over my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?

The answer to all of these questions to your self is the same.


If the government actors truly served the People, which was the original intent for the American experiment in self government, none of the 6 questions could ever be asked. This is because honest government functioning under the Peoples Law of Constitutions do not now and have never had authority to regulate the People.

I use the word actors in its correct application of its definition. Merriam Webster;

Definition of actor. 1 : one that acts : doer. 2a : one who acts in a play, movie, television show, etc. b : one who behaves as if acting a part. 3 : one that takes part in any affair : participant political actors. Oxfords; Definition of actor - a person whose profession is acting on the stage, in films, or on television., a participant in an action or process.

ACTOR means some one filling a part in a fiction as in a story.

These characters act because they are paid to perform. The question then becomes paid by whom for what purpose? The answer is obvious!

Any one who works for another is subject to the employer and their orders. That’s why we get a pay check. To perform the Bosses orders.

"Now the no brainer time."

If government actors are not provably in absolute compliance with the Peoples Law of Constitutions, which created all government, do they actually work for the Peoples governments?

Again the answer is obvious. NO!

Mr. or Mz. government actor who do you work for?

"A simple set of facts most of us either experienced first hand or know some one who has exposes the situation completely."


Demand the officer or judge produce their authority to penalize you in any manner starting with the Constitutionally authorized legislative authority to regulate the People in any manner, particularly the right to travel and use public property, the roads.

Mr. or Mz. judge, if you refuse or fail to disclose the complete authority you operate under, from the beginning, under which you claim to act, you are practicing slavery on me, which as you well know, is a high crime and felony?

"This situation exposes who the government actor does not work for, YOU, as one of the People."

So judge, if you don’t work for the People keeping the Peoples law protecting the source and authority of all government powers, the People, you are a foreign agent, representing some foreign power usurping the Peoples public office by invading our Law.

Now DIVIDED LOYALTY is exposed as the answer to the question starting this Monograph.


Charles Miller -