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May 28, 2013

Brief comments From "S":


!.  Apparently, he derives from Citigroup, one of the revolving door corporations that hold huge control within the system.  Citigroup is / was apparently owned by Saudis and ??  Monarchy.  Maybe Vat, too??


2.  Jack is ''Jacob'', and we all know where that one goes....still climbing that ladder to the heavens of Mt ZION.   If ZION is = SION, in a book by David Ward ?  ISIS Unveiled, some years ago, he reveals that the word SION, as with the 'Priory' of SION, ie. Templar Knights, are in the know about the ancient ET colonization of the planet, and that SION = ''Set'' "ISIS" "OSIRIS" "NEPTHYS" and all are names of ''gods'' but also the names of the mother ships that came to earth and are still here.....underground.  ZIONism is = to SIONism, and global control = slavery of the masses is all about the colonization undertaking for the gods.


3.  IF one assumes Lew is a 'zealot' and not to be trusted as an 'interim'...I have had the same thoughts and come to same conclusion.  But, what IF ''they'' who are in control, fearing that they are loosing control, are in-fact trying to usurp legitimate 'restoration' or 'reinstatment' group(s) work by asserting the kind of stuff as 'rumor' coming out over mostly the sketchy NESARA bloodspot and other websites?  In short, if they cannot maintain their CORPORATION, seize control of the reinstated entity by placing a hack in charge until they get other ducks lined up. 


4.  Same with Boehner, whom I know nothing about, but some weeks ago, he was shown in a video talking about (or giving notice) about upholding the Constitution....  Which / What constitution??  1787?  1871?  How many others are there that we do not know about? or secret

amendments or ''alonges'' (attachments) that are not in public domain, like the secret transcripts of proceedings at the Hague to agree to international bankruptcy in the third place (time).


5.  There are a number of states rights and restoration republic groups out there.  Hard to say that none are not infiltrated by provocateurs etc.  Then one has to consider all this business about Keenan and OPPT etc...  If there is no legitimate body politic of a reinstated 'state', with an official working apparat recognized by the CORPORATION's own International Court(s) and the Universal Postal System etc. in Switzerland, how can any restoration or reinstatement be deemed to be legit.  A 'state' cannot exist without 'Citizens / citizens', who are the substance of the authority creating the state in the first place.


6.  If the original Constitution was not properly executed or was done so under conditions of coercion, which is apparently a matter of some record, the document as a charter could be construed to have no actual effect at law, even under common law.  That is a very strong allegation.  IF one considers that to be a matter of fact, the idea of 'reinstatement' would seem to be tied to another idea concerning 'structure', which is the Articles of Confederation of those original colonies that apparently broke away.  I remember posting a clip of statments made by Senator Harkins that the Constitution was essentially dead and that in lieu thereof, having no actual working body of law to hang gov't operations on, the 'rules' of operation fall back to the preceeding timeframe and document of the Articles.  That is what he is alleged to have been quoted as saying.  If so, the Articles and status of only the original colonial states is outside the purview,  scope,  authority of any Constitution, reinstated or not.  If there exists verifiable evidence of extortion or coercion regarding the creation of the charter language of the 1787 Constitution, the idea(s) of a Confederation (of the original 13) (or even a Confederacy if one goes into the time period of the civil war) becomes a consideration.  Is it possible that there could be a Confederation (of the orginal 13) + a Confederacy (of the successionist southern states)??  Dont know.  What I do know is the "the south was right" and the 'war' of secession or 'northern aggression' is not over.


In closing, I would never agree to have Lew or Boehner as an interim officer of any organization purporting to represent either states or people of the land of America.  They are both CORPORATE hacks, therefore, FRAUDS and need to be found repugnant to the idea of a clean break from Monarchy and Vatican control (ie. = ZIONIST - Jesuit - Illuminati - Elders of...)


Any 'interim' gov't posing or proposing itself to be legitimate, should be / could be given public notice to come clean and state their claim and state the basis of their authority.  Notice is Notice.  Demand to perform is demand to perform, no matter under Admiralty or Common law...


I do not trust anything that we are hearing over the i.n. except what C writes right now.  There cannot be a reinstatement or restoration just because a substance-backed monetary system is being instated.  The cabal is far too 'wise' to have missed the opportunity to project the 'exhaustion' timeframe and not have every conceivable contingency already locked and loaded.  Lew and Boehner are two of many who may be asserted or claimed, or allowed to state a claim 'for' the American ppl and their 'states', republics all, where in fact, the ppl should be given an opportunity to state their own claim, elect representatives accordingly and be protected on an 'interim' basis by their own militias working with the USA corporate military, if that is even a remote possibility.  If not protected from within against what is already within, not much chance of a true change being possible.


One last thing.  The US T became one / same as IMF after Brett Woods.  The US T was essentially incorporated (as far as I know) before Brett Woods and after 1871.  The true T of the USoA is the one that We would have to have 'reinstated', not the CORPORATE one derived from the 2nd Constitution of 1871.  There is no corporate officer or agent, that can be a duly 'elected' representative of the Ppl, of original jurisdiction, that holds any officer within the CORPORATION construct presently (IMO).  The construct itself is flawed and the process of any so-called 'National' or 'State' election is a process and construct expressing only the intent to usurp the original.  It is incongruent to assume that they represent valid authority, even IF they have never sworn a BAR oath or purchased their 'job' as an elected official of the CORPORATION.


One thing does come to mind in light of the above.  If there are ppl in positions of 'elected' office, who have never bought their position / or office and who have never sworn a BAR oath, it may be possible that they resign their office within the CORPORATION and agree to assume 'interim' fiduciary duty with limited poa as 'acting ttee' 'for' the Ppl of the original jurisdiction 'states'.   Given a time period 'certain', they would have to submit letter of resignation, effective on a certain date, BUT their 'term' of service WOULD BE STRICTLY OVERSEEN and scrutinized in every aspect by A TRUST PROTECTOR.  The Protector has / would have absolute authority to terminate any of the interim ttee's with or w/o 'cause', at the slightest hint of his / her acting in any manner inconsistent with the ideals set forth in the organic founding 'charters', including Articles of Confederation and organic Constitution, as well as all organic state charters....also  including the BoR's. 


The Office of Protector could in-fact be a body or committee, that must operate by unanimous consent. In short, any proposed legislation would, under interim rules of procedure, have to meet muster of the Protector before being allowed to move forward by those acting as temp legislators.  IF each state and Ppl thereof do not have an instant / immediate 'voice' with some degree of authority in all initial legislation, IMO, any proceeding forward is essentially moot, null, void, 'ab initio'.


There are ppl sitting in jail right now who have been tried and convicted essentially for trying to reinstate their own private capacity, status, standing, and ''rights' under common law of the original jurisdiction land. ...some very good, very smart ppl.  ...some to be trusted, some questionable.  I know of a few, and I know of a few not to be trusted.  I also know of a few 'researchers' that I would trust with my life, but who are not known in circles of the power elite of the so-called 'pat' movement'...  If the caliber of ppl involved in the idea of restoration is not on par with those who are and have been down in the trenches digging with their fingernails for years to become 'wise' as well as 'practical', then I seriously question or doubt any one's ability or capacity to take on such responsibility and know how it actually all hangs together and what their basis of authority and duty to perform actually means.


More later.


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