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From Alan Kreglow

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Feb. 19, 2012

Dear friends,

I attended the same Certified Processors' training in Chicago for the "Taking Dominion Land Patent class" as Daniel and Abby Flores who won the recent Land Patent Victory announced below.   Their dramatic success offers immediate evidence that possessing the land patent on Land really does protect people against tyranny of banks and others who would use de facto legal trickery to steal people's homes and land.  Since any sovereign individual who owns land can potentially take possession of the land patent on his/her land, we can all celebrate the Flores's victory as our own.
Many have asked me if I have proof that the land patent is as powerful in court as I was taught in the Certified Land Patent Processors' training.  So far, this victory of  Daniel and Abby Flores is the most immediate proof I can offer.  There are also about 350 cases upholding as SETTLED LAW the absolute ownership conferred by possession of the land patent.  
Daniel and Abby Flores' dramatic victory assures anyone who wants to secure their home and land against financial contingencies, that to prevent potential loss of the home due to foreclosure or other potential risks we can confidently rely on possession of the land patent, which puts us on the solid ground of SETTLED LAW.  

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From: Michael 

Subject: HUGE Land Patent Victory in Wisconsin free state today!!!


Many of our Wisconsin free state citizens will remember the story of Daniel and Abby Flores from last August as they battled through the courts regarding a fraudulent foreclosure on their home.  ...

(Some personal background regarding how Daniel and Abby Flores were badly mistreated is omitted for brevity.)

I'd like to convey a very victorious story in the legal/lawful scenario of what transpired at Kenosha County this morning.


Daniel and Abby went through the Certified Processors' training for the Taking Dominion Land Patent class at Chicago over the weekend.  The clock was ticking for a resolution to come forth for them as there was a Confirmation Hearing scheduled this morning at 8:45 to determine whether the Sheriff's Sale which took place on 12/14/2011 selling their house to the bank for $64,000 would be granted and they would be forced to move within 30 days.  Because the Flores' had filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy on 12/13/2011 (all parties noticed) there never should have been a Sheriff's sale.  


Sunday night and into the wee hours of the morning on Monday the Flores' completed all of the lawful steps of the Land Patent process they had learned in class over the weekend.   Public postings and notices were done and paperwork sent out via Notary Presentments.  They hand delivered and had recorded an additional set of the Land Patent paperwork at the Court.  This was their last chance to save their home.


It was 10:30 a.m. before the hearing went forward.  With unusual delays the judge -for the first time - read the Flores' paperwork into the record.  He read through bullet points of their Land Patent.  The bank's attorney made much commotion and interrupted the judge about not having received a copy and therefore the hearing should go ahead.  Daniel spoke up and interjected the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy which had been filed and how the sale never should have gone forward.   He stated that he hoped that nothing unlawful was transpiring and that no one would be making a big mistake.  The judge granted the banks' attorney a 45-minute recess.  


In returning, the judge ordered that the pleadings be stayed and that the judgment of the Sheriff's sale be voided.  For the first time, the Judge allowed Daniel to make statement for the court record.  "I want to put on the record that from this day forward that because I have filed my public Notice of Land Patent no other man or woman on the planet has any standing and there are no liens on my home nor any taxes should be taxed to my property.  From this day forward, whatever transpires will have no standing and it doesn't hold any standing with me and our American Republic.  The Judge said, "Your statement is noted."  There was no objection brought up by anyone to Daniel's statement.


Daniel and Abby reported to me that usually the judge wouldn't acknowledge Daniel's statements and this time the Judge brought up the Land Patent.  Danny advises that the Judge had to address it because it was "the real man" - not the strawman --  that made the claim.  Danny said, "If you stand there and acknowledge the sale they'll take it and sell it."  There are  45 days to cure and once cured it's done.


The Flores' report that today they had Victory in Jesus.


From your state administrating servant:  Within days Dominion Services, a division of the Republic Records Bureau, will be up and ready to receive requests for the Land Patent services.  One of the final steps to the process is to record the Land Patent paperwork at the only lawful recording only true records bureau in America:  the Republic Records Bureau.  Once the Land Patent and other paperwork is recorded, the RRB will return the paperwork to the land owner.  The RRB will also send notice to their local county land office to remove the land from the tax role.  No more real estate taxes.


God bless the Flores family.  THANK YOU, Danny and Abby, for standing up and doing the right thing.  You are no cowards.  You've paved the way for the rest of us in so many ways.


God bless our Republic.  Thank you, President Turner and Secretary of Security Timothy Pledger.




Jean Marie Hertler

State Administrator/Chief of Staff

Wisconsin free state

Please forward this message to anyone you know who may need to secure their home and land against de facto legal trickery .

-- Alan
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