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Creation of First Corporation - Worst Crime in Human History

Daniel J Towsey

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In this article you will learn the hidden truth and the core of all evil. You will find many links to documentary videos and informative websites at the bottom of this article to verify for yourself that everything I am about to show you is horribly true.


Now here's a thought for those of you who do not believe that organized conspiracies exist. The first thing you need to understand is that the first rule in being a member of a Corruporation is that you have to sign a secrecy conspiracy contract.

You must sign this contract to agree to never reveal to anyone, be it the peoples government or any one else about the immoral and illegal activities of the Corruporation you are now seeking employment with.


This agreement is essentially a crime syndicate agreement.


Years ago free societies had companies that were honorable contributing members of society. These companies had to abide to all fair and just practices of the society they operated in.


Today it is almost impossible to find any companies...


Companies means the company you keep, today we only have conspirators.


The free Internet has afforded a small temporary widow of opportunity for good caring concerned individuals to learn the truth. Without the knowledge of truth there can be no Justice or Liberty.


After-all Truth is the most powerful weapon on earth. But the power of truth has really diminished in our society, people today do not want to know or believe anything that is outside of the social engineering that the corporations have done to your thinking.


I am about to open your mind to the horrible truths of what is really happening. This is going to be a real shocker for most. I doubt that many will continue reading this article to the end and continue on to deprogram themselves and learn the occult truth. I feel that most will just be to afraid of the truth. Remember Truth is always more bazaar then any fiction you'll ever read.


Huge Corporations have a never ending supply of free cash and can create any beautiful and wonderful corporate image they choose for you to believe. Employees of corporations love these images. They live their whole lives living in complete bliss and ignorance to the truth.


As you are about to understand, the creation of the first corporation has created a most horrible path of human evolution or I should say de-evolution.


To be able to fully understand you'll have to seek to understand the most basic of truths. The situation today has become so complicated that people can not see or understand the very basic truths.


The corporate states has effectively made Truth a dirty word. It has labeled those that seek to live their lives by truth as kooks and lunatics to be avoided. Please read my `The Village Idiot' to expand your understanding.


One day when you come to realize the evil of corporations you might want to call in sick. Please read my "I called in sick' article on the topic.


I have spent my whole life being a Truth Soldier (Please read my `A Truth Soldier' article) I choose to live by seeking and speaking the truth because I long ago realized that the opposite of truth is insanity.


When I was a child I discovered that truth will make me smart and that doing the opposite would only make me be an idiot.


But I soon discovered that the path of truth is a very painful one and I began my life long research to try and understand why the society I live in does not seek the path of truth. I soon began to understand that truth is power and that society has been deliberately dumbed down by corporate media social engineering.


I just could not understand why people were not seeking the most rewarding path in their existence and that is the pursuit of truth for without truth there can not be any love of anything.


And as you can see if you look beyond the social engineering you'll discover that all that matters, such as human heritage, our environment, and our very planet is being destroyed by the very effects of the first corporation created.


Bare with me while I elaborate more on the effects of the first corporation. You will see and understand that I had to keep you hanging on for the truth is so horrible that I have to slowly bring you to understand it.


I am a Truth Soldier because

 "When the seeds of truth are sown,

the grassroots truth revolution

will blossom from the enlightenment"



As a result of the creation of the first corporation, society has evolved further and further from all that is naturally beautiful and further and further towards the totally deceptive corporate image.


Today people are totally self absorbed and selfish..They only care about what appears to be and not what really is. They have been turned into what is termed consumers.


They have sold their souls..


I discovered how true this is the other day. After I left my local luxury indoor Mega-Mall. As I walked around all I saw was every imaginable extravagance of self you can imagine. All the shops were totally over luxurious. I wondered just how was it possible for them to be so. I soon discovered that all products sold were imported from very poor countries who produce these products by economic slaves.


I learned that corporate retailers actually mark up their products by as much as 8000%. I then understood how they could have all this luxury. Its at the expense of what we call third world slave shop workers.


This realization made me sick to my stomach..When I realized that huge unfairness.


I live in Nova Scotia Canada and one day I began to ask people I met, How is it possible that so many here live such a luxurious and easy life from all the products brought into our province. Because I told them that Nova Scotia does not export any finished and manufactured products to the rest of the world. Nova Scotia exports almost nothing made here.


The following will prepare you to understand why I named this article as I did.


We are almost there, I will soon tell you this horrible truth but first I will attempt to give you a couple more examples of the dreadful situation this planet is really in and then you will understand my title of my article. But sure to watch the documentary videos below and understand because very soon the free Internet and your access to knowledge of the truth will no longer be available upon which time I predict we will enter a new and the last dark ages.. As they have planned it.


Unfortunately unless you start spreading the seeds of truth, that dark ages will be six feet under.


Okay by now you must be thinking, I can't read anymore of this trash. Will here's where you should say that these are only written words and if its crap then it makes for great entertainment and can't possibly affect me.


So are you going to go on and seek the enlightenment of truth? Just think the rest of your life you'll wonder what you missed if you do not continue on. Its your choice. I would like you to understand that I do not write to convince you of anything. My writings are not about me nor are they for any selfish reasons.


I want you to think for your self. Truth is love. So I am only sharing and giving love.


Okay its time for me to tell you what the first corporation created was and why it was created and what it has done to the evolution of humanity.


Do you know what the the first corporation was? It was the creation of the privately and secretly owned Federal Reserve bank in the U.S.A. Yes this is a private corporation and is not owned and controlled by the people. Immediately after its creation another thing was created. That is the I.R.S. Then the public was told that they had to pay a tax on their labor to this Federal Reserve.


The people were never made aware that there has never been a law passed in the U.S.A. that says you legally have to pay this tax.


But that's not the worse crime of all. The worse crime in human history is giving a secret society the ability to now create money out of thin air and go about taking over and controlling all assets of the world. How do you think the Federal Reserve note became the world reserve currency?


Are you now beginning to understand just how huge this crime is? I doubt it. Please read my `How can you be taxed when there is no tax" to better understand.


The people have been spoiled by the proceeds of this crime. Society has been bought off with an easy luxurious living while the crime continued to grow.


As they say the root of all evil is just follow the money to see what evil they do with it.


If you read my `Are you ready for the truth' article you'll get a really good understanding of the results from this truly horrific crime.


I have always said that if the future of mankind is not guided by the truth then this planet and all living things are doomed.


So are you going to arm yourself with the most powerful weapon? That being the truth and join the truth revolution by becoming a truth soldier?


Jesus was a Truth Soldier..ever notice that his cross is a t for truth? because God is the truth.


God never told us to sit idly by and do nothing to fight against evil.

Those who do nothing to stop the evil are just as evil.


That line in the bible "God forgive them for they know not what they do' is a forgery.

In the old original writings it actually said

`God forgive them not for they know what they do'


THE END is near.


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