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Reposted Feb. 29, 2012



This post by “S” is especially for all who have known AND have done nothing;  and all who do not know AND cannot act for themselves.    

Secondarily, this post is also intended for the reading pleasure of Storytellers who pride themselves much on their sacred knowledge re: the history of the United States of America / THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and on all matters current; Whistleblowers who remain mute and moot as to certain historical facts from the legal memory of the “United States of America”, as distinct from “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, facts of which seem to be taboo, off radar for unknown reasons.

And, of course, I cannot forget to address “Officers and Employees”, “Agents /  Agencies”, and “Instrumentalities” and “persons” of the CORPORATION, aka THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.


This also includes the living men and women of the UNITED STATES military – police – intelligence occupational force which operates on and over the land and People of the[se] one for several united States of America; also for “Keepers” and “Trustees” of the [obscured lie] of the “federal” [ie. “corporate”] BANRUPTCY.  And, lastly, for all Nations of the World which have participated in the GRAND PONZI - ARTIFICE AND SCHEME, knowingly or otherwise… IN TRUTH AND IN COMMERCE:


Commentary with supporting research is in follow up to an article posted on Fourwinds June 21, 2009 by Jim Kirwan, “Who Owns You?”.  I thank Mr. Kirwan for his post to Fourwinds10 on the subject, which along with all other more current and related posts by various veritas [Truth in / of Origin] writers, including Casper & Associates, has given me renewed inspiration to elaborate on Mr. Kirwan’s subject  in greater detail.

I do not recall if I have previously posted to Fourwinds a brief summary research document titled “Who Owns You?” or not.  If I have, my apologies to those who find the following redundant or overly burdensome to read. 

The subject matter which follows is critical to comprehension and Understanding as to what the status of THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, corporation(s) is / are.   The following facts are consistent with and supportive of the article posted to Fourwinds10 as cited above, although it is but a thumb nail of what the Nations and Peoples of the World need to take cognizance of if they are to chose to freely associate with or without one another in the future, especially where “THE UNITED STATES” / “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is at issue or may be involved.

Presently, much depends on the reinstatement and subsequent treatment of the organic Compacts which have founded the[se] United States of America, quite distinct and diverse from the jurisdiction and status of “THE UNITED STATES” / “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” / “DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA”, de facto corporations.  This subject has been covered in writings previously posted by “S” and other writer-researchers, now archived at Fourwinds10.  

In order to help all readers “grok” what I, Casper, Wendy, the Bellringers, and many enLighted workers for good are talking about, and what the real “war” raging behind the false controlled or inculcated perceptions of the mainstream ‘reality show’ is all about, I provide the following case law determinations for starters:


This case was decided in 1795 by the US Supreme Court as it existed at that time, just twelve years after the Treaty of Paris of 1783.  This case defines “government” succinctly and leaves no room for misinterpretation:

Summary: Penhallow vs. Doanes Administrators, 3 US 54; 1L.Ed. 57, 3 Dall. 54.:

Governments are corporations; Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only [an idea], a government can only interface with other artificial persons.  The imaginary – having neither actuality or Substance – is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible.  The legal manifestation of that is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate artificial persons and the contracts between them.

In short, there is no ‘parity’ or ‘equality’ between a tangible ‘real’ Living Man of Substance and the idea or imaginative construction of a created form of government that has been cause to arise as an aritificial person, abstraction of a “fiction”.   As such, there is no government that can concern itself directly with ‘in’ the affairs of the Living Man, as the Living [tangible] Man [of Substance] is superior in every regard and cannot be subordinated by the abstraction that is a mere idea operating in the form of “government”.  

Note:  “government” is either by mutual will and informed consent or agreement, OR is by proxy, default, or otherwise [ie. conquest, occupation, compelled, induced, or by misrepresentation, fraud, deceipt, obfuscation]

Note:  Does this case not also provide the reader insight into why it is that the governments of the world, including THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  and every other ‘sovereign’ nation or government entity, including THE UNITED NATIONS, INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, WORLD BANK, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY – INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE etc. etc. etc. must convert the Living Man of Substance into an abstraction just like itself, a corporate legal - commercial fiction, in order to ‘contract’ or otherwise use  various means to ‘enter into the affairs’ of the “person” that the government alleges to govern?    Thus, if there is alleged to be any transaction or exchange between a real Living Man of Substance and [the ‘idea’] the abstract corporate government, it cannot be direct, but must be indirect by and through a ‘transfer agent’ / ‘agency’ or a ‘transmitting utility’ [UCC terminology] for interface and interaction.  This agent / agency within the admiralty law commercial zone of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA is called a ‘US person’, “vessel”, ‘citizen’, ‘individual’, ‘resident’, ‘non resident’, ‘alien’, ‘taxpayer’, ‘beneficiary’, etc. etc. etc.   That “person” is not the real Living Man of Substance, but is an ‘enfranchised’ abstraction and fictional representation of the ‘real’, which NAME is always spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, in the same manner that SLAVE NAMES were entered of record as real property” of their owners, and “vessels” are ‘flagged’ in admiralty – maritime – martial law jurisdiction and venue.

Summary:  Yick Wo vs. Hopkins; 118 U.S. 356; 6 S.Ct. 1064 (1886)       May 10, 1886

“Sovereignty itself, of course, is not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law….”

Note:  Does this not make sense as to why nation states, governments, monarchies, ecclesiastical powers and authorities all claim to be “Sovereign”, even having “Divine Rights” which are claimed to be “ordained” or “willed” by the Creator??  However, in the case of the American People, where no such ordination and will to be sovereign over others was intended or ever made, our “sovereignty” is beholding to the ultimate ‘para atman’ or the Godhead, Creator Source of all Life and the Creation, but is ‘self evident’, ‘self validating’, ‘self authenticating’, ‘self verifying’, and ‘self fulfilling’ as there is no other than God that We are subordinated to under the Law of the Creation, the Law of One, the Law Divine.   How did We get to become SLAVE??

Note:  The above case is in 1886, is an extraordinary finding given that the new “US government” was then operating within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA as THE UNITED STATES, under Lieber Code martial law authority.   The DISTRICT was incorporated in 1871, quite without original delegation of any authority from the Compact states to do so, as the issue was raised in formal session, voted upon, and rejected just days before the final draft of the 1787 Constitution was adopted.

It was not until the federal bankruptcy of THE UNITED STATES, corporation, 1933 or thereabouts, and subsequent case finding Erie Railroad Company vs.  Thompkins, 304 U.S. 64 (1938), that the Supreme Court of the United States held that “federal courts did not have power or capacity to make up or uphold general “common law”.   This was around the 1933 -34 beginning of the new administrative commercial ‘law form’ within the United States, and amounted to a “stacked deck” of Supreme Court [Lieber Code ‘justices’] determination to uphold the federal bankruptcy and suspend all common law ‘remedies’… the Constitution of the United States…..distinct from the Constitution for the United States of America, which essentially was already suspended by action and operation of Lieber Code authority previously adopted by Lincoln in 1863.

Now, please look at the below case cites and see that even in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s before the Civil War, the courts had already determined that the People were sovereign unto themselves and not beholding to any other power or authority.

"The People of a State are entitled to all rights which formerly belonged to the King by his prerogative." Lansing v. Smith, 4 Wendell 9, 20 (1829)

Lansing v. Smith, 21 D. 89., 4 Wendel 9 (1829) ( New York ) "D." = Decennial Digest

Lansing v. Smith, 4 Wend. 9 (N.Y.) (1829), 21 Am.Dec. 89 10C Const. Law Sec. 298; 18 C Em.Dom. Sec. 3, 228; 37 C Nav.Wat. Sec. 219; Nuls Sec. 1`67; 48 C Wharves Sec. 3, 7.

NOTE: Am.Dec.=American Decision, Wend. = Wendell (N.Y.)

" the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects...with none to govern but themselves; the citizens of America are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants in the sovereignty." CHISHOLM v. GEORGIA (US) 2 Dall 419, 454, 1 L Ed 440, 455 @DALL 1793 pp471-472

**One Interpretation of the above: as applicable to each Man [man or woman]

“I AM a true Sovereign,  without subjects,  with none to govern but myself,  within the judicial district under the authority of God.   Any violation of the Sovereign is a breach of the Treaty of Paris, an insult to the King of kings and Lord of lords,  and His People.  Violation is an international incident.”


 "The rights of sovereignty extend to all persons and things not privileged, that are within the territory. They extend to all strangers resident therein; not only to those who are naturalized, and to those who are domiciled therein, having taken up their abode with the intention of permanent residence, but also to those whose residence is transitory. All strangers are under the protection of the sovereign while they are within his territory and owe a temporary

allegiance in return for that protection."

**[Carlisle v. United States, 83 U.S. 147, 154 (1873)]

**Please Note:  This is a case from 1873, two years after the newly incorporated DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA was created by Congress, 1871, and approximately seven years after the alleged end of the Civil War [1861 – 1865]; five years after the erroneous fraudulent Reconstruction Acts [1867 – 1868]; eight years after the new improved 13th Amendment [December 6, 1865]; five years after the erroneous and fraudulent 14th  Amendment [July 9, 1868]; and three years after the 15th  Amendment  [February 3, 1870].   These amendments are referred to as the Reconstruction Amendments, but are within the same time frame and context of the Reconstruction Acts, under martial law Lieber Code authority, adopted by then President, Commander in Chief, Abraham Lincoln, April 24, 1863.  Both Acts and Amendments  are never enacted or ratified by a lawfully assembled Congress of the organic American Union states, as the southern states were brought into reconstruction military districts [originally five, then expanded to ten] and were never “allowed” “reinstatement” into the original Union without loss, diminution, and penalty.   The loss, diminution, and penalty compelled upon them under “reconstruction” was a loss of state sovereignty, given that lawful elections were modified under Lieber Code ‘civil authority’ acting to administrate over and upon the states; lawfully elected state governors were demanded, under threat of death or incarceration, to resign and vacate office; the same were replaced by “governors elect” or military designates; state legislatures were “stacked” or “loaded” with military appointees as “elected” representatives of the newly reconstructed or reformed ‘state’, brought under operational military authority of the occupier.   This time frame establishes a primary nexus for the permanent / perpetual “reconstruction” of all of the several Union states, not merely the southern ‘rebel’ ‘seditionist’ states.  It is around this same time frame that the “law form” and ‘style’ of judicial determinations began to change, and court determinations began to reflect the “reconstruction” agenda or intent of the military occupier to forever reform the organic Republic into a chimera [ghost image] of the original. 

**One Interpretation of the above case: as applicable to each Man [man or woman]

“All strangers from the judicial districts who became slave in their system as strangers in a foreign land [from Africa or wherever] are under the protection of THE SLAVE MASTER UNITED STATES under the Great Seal while in its territories and THE SLAVES now owe allegiance in return for the SLAVE MASTER'S protection.”


It is commonly accepted that the primary purpose and intent of the 13th Amendment was to “free the slaves”.  Closer scrutiny of all of the above fact – events of Lieber Code military authority “law making” reveals a much darker underlying and undisclosed purpose.  “Free the slaves” while returning them to a new “State”, as new slave “citizens” which have NO RIGHTS, but which do have compelled duties, obligations, and grant of privileges [by grant of STATE issued registries and licenses] whereby “allegiance” is ‘owed’ in exchange for “protection” of the Sovereign.  In this case, “sovereignty” takes on new meaning than that referenced in the above cases prior to the Civil War.


In fact of effect of the post-Civil War time period and initiation of perpetual ‘reconstruction’ under military rule, reconstruction of the organic Compact Union of the United States of America can be readily discerned and equated to the permanent dismantlement and reconstruction / reformation  and eventual “reorganization” [under various Chapter 11 bankruptcy “Plans”].  In short, the War was caused to ‘divide and conquer’ the Union, using the inflammatory highly charged moral – ethical and economic “issue” of slavery to breach the peace within the Union.  Who was it that brought the ‘foreigners’ to the new world ‘estates’ in the first place?  Who was it that brought “indentured” servants or contract employees, ‘serfs’, as chattel mortgaged ‘persons’ to the new world estates to work the ‘colonies’??  I’ll bet you all know at least that much history without even blinking an eye?   Who was it that had the largest and strongest merchant fleets and military naval fleets in the world?   And, who were they ultimately in service to, ordained by, and “flagged by”???


Remember, according to Mr. Whistleblower, the “International Debt Facility” is mysteriously created in 1875 or thereabouts, right in the midst of the conversion of the United States of America, a republic, into a military dictatorship operating as a ‘legislative democracy’ within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA while implementing forced relocation and ‘conversion’ of the American People and their states as ‘procured’ property under perpetual occupation.


Now, please consider this:


General definition for “cognitive dissonance”:


Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon first identified by Leon Festinger. It occurs when there is a discrepancy between what a person believes, knows and values, and persuasive information that calls these beliefs into question. The discrepancy causes psychological discomfort, and the mind adjusts to reduce the discrepancy. In ethics, cognitive dissonance is important in its ability to alter values, such as when an admired celebrity embraces behavior that his or her admirers deplore. ...

Please follow the below thread taken from “Political Union or Political Chaos”, a chapter within a most meritorious book, “US of A vs. US” []:


With that as the backdrop, let us take a look at a few facts that may not be what you had previously believed them to be. First is the issue of your being a “citizen of the United States” [quotations mine].  Most everyone would seemingly agree that they are a “proud American” and therefore equally proud to be called a citizen of the United States. But how do the law and the Supreme Court define a United States citizen and most importantly, the rights, privileges and immunities associated with being one:


“there is in our Political System, a government of each of the several states and a government of the United States  Each is distinct from the other and has citizens of its own.” . US vs. Cruikshank, 92 US 542,

“There is a clear distinction between national citizenship and state citizenship.” 256 P. 545, affirmed 278 US 123, Tashiro vs. Jordan


“The only absolute and unqualified right of a United States citizen is to residence within the territorial boundaries of the United States,” US vs. Valentine 288 F. Supp. 957


“The privileges and immunities clause of the 14th Amendment protects very few rights because it neither incorporates the Bill of Rights, nor protects all rights of individual citizens. Instead this provision protects only those rights peculiar to being a “citizen” of the federal government; it does not protect those rights which relate to state citizenship.” Jones v. Temmer, 89 F. Supp 1226


Does the above comport with your pre-established notion that being a United States citizen is the best of all worlds regarding your rights, freedom and liberty? Did you even know there was such a thing as a state Citizen and that it was different from being a U.S. citizen?  Are you possibly shocked to know that as a 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, you do not have the protection of the Bill of Rights; in fact 14th Amendment U.S. Citizenship protects very few rights! Did the government employees teaching in the public schools ever teach you this!

As the Kilo case on Imminent Domain decided by the Supreme Court in 2005 clearly demonstrates, U.S. citizens do not have private property rights or protection from bizarre imminent domain takings. If you can fight off the psychological effects of cognitive dissonance for just a few more minutes, you might be wondering; “How did I get to be a U.S. citizen? And could it possibly be true that my political status as a U.S. citizen deprives me of the rights, privileges and immunities that I was taught were part of being a free American?”

The short answer is, you “volunteered”. That’s right, you volunteered to be a U.S. citizen devoid of Constitutionally protected rights, devoid of even God given unalienable rights. How did you do this volunteering you might ask? Well, when you decided that you needed a Social Security card you also agreed to become a U.S. citizen and accept what the legal experts call compelled benefits. And herein lies the “real beauty” of the system developed to make you into something you never thought possible, a “person” living in voluntary servitude. Ok, that cognitive dissonance thing just kicked in again. Let’s take this one step at a time.

By signing the SS5 form (Social Security Application) you voluntarily assented to transform by agreement your political status. Look at 5 USC 552A (a)(13):

“The term “Federal personnel” means officers and employees of the Government of the United States, members of the uniformed services (including members of the Reserve Components), individuals entitled to receive immediate or deferred retirement benefits under any retirement program of the Government of the United States (including survivor benefits).” Emphasis Added

By agreeing to accept those measly Social Security payments 40 or 50 years out, you agreed to live your entire life as a “federal personnel“. For those of you like me, who may have spent some time in the military, you will know what I mean when I say that being a “federal personnel” is like being a Humvee or a tank or a cooking utensil in the mess tent; you are just a piece of property. But there it is in black and white, your U.S. Congress passed legislation and the U.S. President signed that legislation that says if you volunteer to get a Social Security card you become government chattel property. Why do I keep saying you volunteered to get the Social Security Card, you ask? For the simple reason that to this day there is no law requiring you to get a Social Security number, no law within the 50 titles of the United States Code that makes the possession or use of a Social Security Account mandatory.

You see, back in the 1930s a very devious man named Franklin Delano Roosevelt was working diligently to turn this once great Republic into a legislative democracy where socialistic concepts could reign. As it turns out, Roosevelt had this little problem with the Supreme Court. The nine justices on the Supreme Court were ruling against some of the foundational planks of Roosevelt’s diabolical scheme. The risk was that the centerpiece of his “New Deal”, Social Security, might be found unconstitutional. So Roosevelt made his famous threat to “pack the Court” with lots of justices until he could make the Court safe for democracy and socialism.

Well, to make a long story short, a story that is more fully described in the book U.S. of A. v U.S., The loss of legal memory of the American state, the Court took Roosevelt’s threat seriously and made a “switch in time that saved nine“. Essentially, the Court threw out over one hundred years of protecting the people from power grabs by the federal government. The Court gave Roosevelt his way, thus paving the way for the “democracy” and all the evils that the Founding Fathers rightly associated with a democracy. But the Supreme Court snuck in a few little items that allowed the People “an out” if they didn’t want to fall into the servitude trap. They ruled that Social Security must be voluntary. The 13th Amendment states:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

You should notice that the 13th left the possibility of voluntary servitude!

Now, if you have ever tried to open a bank account, fill out a job application or even rent a video, you might not think that having a Social Security number is voluntary, but that is the genius of the plan. The law says that making application to receive benefits under the Social Security Act is completely voluntary and in fact goes so far as to state in every one of the 50 Titles of the United States Code that mentions the Social Security number, that you cannot be denied any right or privilege if you do not provide a Social Security number (with the obvious exception of dealing with the Social Security Administration). The way they got the scheme to work was to make the employers, banks, state and local agencies and everyone else treat you and make their computer system operate as if having a Social Security card was mandatory.

Now if your mind is off pondering the magnitude of this great deception, let me ask you to come back to the discussion for a few more moments. There are two other very important points that you have to understand about the execution of the plan.

First, once you are in the “system” accepting the benefits there under you are legally barred from complaining about it or raising the issue that it might be un-Constitutional. Justice Brandeis, a Supreme Court Justice during the 1930’s developed what are referred to as the Brandies Rules. Rule number six is the one that gets you. Take a look.

The Court will not pass upon the constitutionality of a statute at the instance of one who has availed himself of its benefits.

Read that again. If you volunteer to be a Social Security “beneficiary” you instantly become ineligible to go to the Courts and challenge the constitutionality of the very same laws. And since you also decided to become a 14th Amendment citizen at the same time you now also fall prey to Article 4 of the 14th Amendment, which states:

Section 4. The validity of the “public debt” of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

Yup, they just got you again. If, as a U.S. citizen you think the government ought to live within its means and not be five or ten trillion dollars in debt, you cannot question the [public] debt. Do you think you are done getting suckered in this deal? Guess again, it gets worse.”


“S” Comment: 


The “public debt” includes how the debt is “constituted” from previous time periods prior to the adoption of the 14th Amendment.  It also includes how the public debt shall be administrated, managed, increased or otherwise ‘discharged’ or ‘paid’, but it definitely includes how the debt shall be collected.  Any questions as to ‘motive’ to get all American People converted into DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 14th Amendment ‘US citizens’ and ‘registered’ for Socialist Security benefits that are not by law mandatory, but which are absolutely ‘compelled’ or forced upon unwilling ‘non compliant’ ‘non volunteer’ people???


“S” Comment:


The 14th Amendment and other Reconstruction Acts and Amendments cited above were in full force and effect under the military authority of the new DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, established as its own diverse and distinct ‘sovereign’ nation state.   At the time of the creation of the International Debt Facility for the purported benefit and improvement of conditions for humanity, ?? 1875, the American People were already strapped to the wrack of the new debt combine of the new nation state, THE UNITED STATES dba DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, or visa versa.    How do the progenitors of the Debt Facility justify recognition of a de facto usurper government that had in due course over the previous ten years, caused an entire traumatized nation of Living Men to come under the obscured military authority of the occupation, and reconstruction, which was then in full swing?  


To become a “US citizen” or “citizen of the United States” for the allegedly emancipated slaves was one thing, and the above 14th Amendment language is precise in that it would apparently apply to such emancipated slaves.  But, what about the non-slave element of the general state populations, which were at the time of the alleged ‘passage’ of the 14th Amendment, still in deep trauma from four + years of an unjust and unnecessary genocidal war?   Just asking!


Did you know you were volunteering to serve THE UNITED STATES as a debt-SLAVE in perpetuity, simply by registering to vote as a “US citizen”, voluntarily applying for Social Security, voluntarily registering your children on Birth Certificate Bonds?


The above material is intended to establish a pretext and context for the subsequent material to follow in short order.


 Part II to be continued:



Nov. 9, 2009